Friday, September 23, 2011


I know a lot of dog sport people get tired of all the ribbons. Many people have huge buckets full of ribbons they never look at, and some people just toss them straight into the trash.

I love ribbons. And, the tournament this past weekend gave out some ribbons! So I had to have the dogs pose for some pictures.

They are both wearing their red flyball collars (a collar with a loop handle on it) for the pictures. 

This ribbon is technically Pallo's, for his team coming in second in their division. Koira's team came in fourth, so got single ribbons instead of rosettes. But she ran amazing, and deserved a rosette picture.

Pallo was super confused at this posing-for-a-picture in the back yard. We rarely take photos in the yard.

And, of course, enjoy the Saturday blog hop!


  1. Vof! You look wonderful with your ribbon! Congratulations! I love to see your photos when you are running, playing and having fun!
    Thank you for your sweet comments!
    Hugs from Nero

  2. They look great with those ribbons! Congrats on the great week-end. After going to that training night I now understand (in a little way) how HARD flyball is so REALLY BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!
    Wish I was one of those people with the bucket full of ribbons problem LOL!

  3. Happy Saturday! The ribbons make great fashion accessories, I think.

  4. Congrats! In my next life I'm gonna be a flyball competitor too!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!! Y'all sure make those ribbons look GOOD!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  6. What adorable pictures! I love the ribbon shots!

  7. They where those ribbons proud! As they should :)

  8. Fancy that... we got some ribbons this weekend too. Congrats! I save all of mine, and now that Luna has her CH I want to think of something to sew with them. Thinking about some sort of quilt maybe.

  9. Love it! I too love ribbons....our horses stalls are always covered in the show season..