Friday, July 30, 2010

Two flyball titles and a ton of pictures

Pallo is now a Flyball Dog Excellent. He has officially earned his FD and FDX titles, and is well on his way to his next title. One of my awesome teammates managed to get a good picture of Pallo coming back during the tournament. He may not have run clean in every race this time, but he did awesome for being a green dog racing outdoors for the first time, in the hottest weather of the year.

Yay Pallo the Viking.

So took the dogs for a hike today. I wanted to try out my new (new to me) camera. We hit the water in a quarry pond on the way back to the car, and got some fun pictures.
Koira shaking, right next to the camera.And of course looking noble. Or, waiting for the ball to be thrown. One or the other. This picture is so typical of these two dog beasts. Koira, paying attention, posing, and looking beautiful. And Pallo's butt, looking silly, as he runs off to do something else.

Though, I did manage to get a nice picture of the Pallo dog for the first time ever. Looking all noble and everything.

More pictures to come. Over the next two weeks, Koira will be filming for Animal Planet and modeling for RuffWear, so we are excited and busy.