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So Fly is a blog that follows my life with my two dogs, Koira and Ptera, and my cat, Theodore Trex. My dog Pallo retired from flyball and moved on to live with a good friend of mine, where he has children to spoil him rotten. We train and compete in flyball, and flyball dogs have a reputation for being crazy and out of control. I started this blog partially to chronicle our training and experiences through the years for me to look back on, and partly to show people that flyball dogs are highly trained and can make great at-home pets as well as competing in other sports successfully.

Apupalyptic 2017-8460

In addition to flyball, my dogs participate in everything from walks at the park to lure coursing and racing to dock diving. We enjoy training and traveling and trips to the beach, as well as collecting titles to add to the dogs' names.

Racing May 1st-0236
The "Nose Hounds" who ran at a straight racing event.

July 4th-0131
4th of July SUP trip
JRT Pay Day-9185
Barn hunt

JRT Pay Day-9154
Go to Ground

We also have become enamored with paddleboarding and have gone on many trips both long and short on the SUP and in our kayak. Since adding a Jack Russell Terrier to the family, we have done more terrier sports as well, including Barn Hunt, terrier racing, and Go to Ground.

In addition to the dogs, our family includes one cat, Theodore Trex. Martha was with me even longer than Koira, but was lost in June 2016, while Trex is a more recent addition to our family. The cat gets fewer adventures, and hence less air time, but is still an important part of our family.

Martha (lost in June, 2016)

Theodore Trex

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