Friday, January 17, 2020

January Snow

We got snow this week.

The forecast said we wouldn't, but at 3 am our power went out, and when I got up in the morning, there was enough snow to decide to stay home rather than risking the roads, especially with a winter weather advisory in effect all day.

January Snow-6537

With the power out, once it was light, the best thing to do seemed to be taking the dogs out for a walk. We often walk in the forest just across the road from us, owned by a timber company, so it seemed like a good destination.

January Snow-6521

Koira is 12, but feeling young and spunky most of the time. (You can see her wearing a Marco Polo radio tracker in these photos, because she went missing for 5 days over the summer and we're not taking chances.)

January Snow-6543

Neither of the girls likes the snow much in and of itself, but they are always up for a hike as long as they don't get too cold.

January Snow-6568

They both really enjoyed catching snowballs (I ran out of cookies). It does chill them a bit, but we were close to home.

January Snow-6534

We were out for about an hour, and the girls were ready to be inside and warm next to the fire by the time we were done. It also started snowing pretty heavy right as we got home, so it was pretty good timing.

January Snow-6670

With the sun peaking through the clouds, and a mist over everything, the lighting was amazing.

January Snow-6686