Sunday, May 13, 2018


A friend of mine agreed to help me out the other day in getting some pictures of me and Ptera together. I needed one for a specific purpose, but it is nice in general just to have the photos too.

I think we took about 50 photos, and of those, most were either blurry, had me or Ptera not looking at the camera, or looked exactly like the ones next to them. That is pretty much how photoshoots go (and why asking for every photo from a shoot is pretty pointless). I picked out my four favorite to share.

This is the one I ended up deciding to use for the official thing we needed photos for

Benefit of a small dog. I wouldn't want to try this with Koira.

This was one of our first tries, before I got the front of my outfit covered in grass and mud.

And one blooper.

This one may actually be my favorite. It comes right before the one at the top, and I love the crazy look on Ptera's face. I just threw a canister of treats at our photographer.