Tuesday, March 10, 2020

ONYX 20,000 Points


Over the summer, Ptera became my first dog to earn a title plaque with 20,000 points, which is the ONYX.


We spent the year racing as much as possible, and chasing points. Ptera loves racing, and loves flyball. This year has been slow so far, with just one tournament in January, and nothing planned for a few months. (If the Covid-19 thing keeps ramping up, we may not have any tournaments for longer. At least one in our region has already been cancelled.)


But, we had already decided to take the year off a bit, and do less traveling. We are hoping to go to a California tournament this year to run with Hot Rod Hounds in their own region, since they have come up to run with us quite a few times.

Stumptown Ribbon Onyx

Our ribbons are just getting bigger and bigger! 

I'm hoping this year is going to be a great one of stepping back, working on our training and just enjoying doing things like hiking and training new fun things.