Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fancy Shmancy ribbons

I put together Ptera and Koira's title ribbons with miniature portraits I had painted of each of them. The portraits are meant as Christmas ornaments, but they ended up fitting perfectly on the ribbons. And, of course, they are simply amazing paintings as well. The artist does amazing larger work as well (I have pretty much no where to display artwork, but keep trying to figure out a place to put a larger painting so I have an excuse to order something larger). When NAFA finally gets around to sending title pins for Ptera and Koira (they only just sent certificates for titles earned in July, so not holding my breath it will be any time soon) I plan on adding those to the ribbons as well. I'm debating if I should add Koira's FM pin as well as her FMX pin when it arrives (or her U-Fli title pins?), but don't want to make the ribbons look too cluttered.

Ptera's FM ribbon, and Koira's FMX ribbon, with custom miniature paintings done by Before the Bridge Fine Art. https://www.facebook.com/btbfineart

I'm sure the artist isn't taking any more orders for delivery before Christmas this year (her work is amazing, and painting takes time), but I think she has gift certificates available if you are still looking for the perfect present for someone. I paid full price for these ones to be done, and would happily pay again. I am sharing her work only because it is amazing, and works so perfectly paired with the ribbons my dogs and I have worked so hard to earn.


One last thing, if you are ever the one in charge of ordering ribbons for a dog event, choose bridle hooks on the rosettes, instead of cord. The bridle hooks make the ribbons easier to hang, and easy to hook to the dog's collar for a ribbon photo. Bridle hooks all the way!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Koira

Koira turned 10 years old today. The weather is freezing cold but clear today. We probably should have taken advantage of the sun shining with a hike, but instead, we snuggled up inside with a flannel comforter and a roaring fire and enjoyed some movies.

Koira's 10th Birthday-7103

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Koira FMX, MBDCh

Last weekend, Koira raced in Multibreed with the Portland TailBlazers and earned her Flyball Master Excellent (10,000 points) and Multibreed Dog Champion (500 multibreed points) titles. She is going to mostly retire from flyball at this point, though she may come out to play a time or two over the next year if she is feeling good, and race one more time next year (again, if she is feeling good) to try to earn her Iron Dog.
Beck single
Credit to Big Air Photography

She was a really good girl, and did her job great. She had a really good time too. I think she would be perfectly happy without the long car rides to and from Canada, though. 

We happened to be getting Christmas photos done by a photographer at the tournament, and she took a picture of Koira with her fancy new FMX ribbon while we were there as well.