Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If anyone is on Facebook...

You could, if you are on Facebook, go over to Flyball Today and "like" the picture of Koira. If she gets enough likes, her picture will be the face of Flyball Today for the month of October. Which would make me happy.

Click this to go straight to the picture of Koira, which is awesome.

(Votes will be counted at the end of the month, which is Friday, so get your vote in before that please!)


  1. I don't do Facebook but if I did I would for sure vote for you. I just checked out the Family Portraits from Wednesday and they are AMAZING.

    You two are so photogenic. I love your eyes....


  2. done! :)

  3. Done:) I looked through a lot of the photos and there are some wonderful shots posted. And such gorgeous dogs. Good luck to Koira!