Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Koira Iron Dog

Koira came out of retirement for a weekend in November for a chance at earning the Iron Dog title. This title is awarded to dogs who earn at least one point for ten consecutive NAFA years.

Koira Iron Dog 2018
Our Iron Dog team line up- all these dogs earned Iron Dog together

Along with thirteen other dogs in our region, Koira came out to this early November tournament, the first tournament in our region for the 2019 racing year, and earned the Iron Dog title.

Koira Iron Dog 2018
She may be slow, but she sure is happy!

Tons of people got together to make this happen, including a stellar team put together of all Iron Dogs.

Koira is back in full retirement from flyball. This is the last flyball title she will earn, though we may try our hand in some other sports at some point.

Koira turns 11 in a week, and debuted in flyball in January of 2010, earning just 7 points in her first tournament. We closed the flyball book with a whopping 5 point total for her last tournament- and over 10,000 points in between!