Monday, April 15, 2013

ToughHound All Sports Dog Collar Review

A few months ago I was approached with an offer to review the ToughHound All Sports Dog Collar. However, with Koira's metal allergy, this collar isn't something I could use in my house. Instead, I offered to have a friend of mine receive the collar and do the review as a guest post here on the blog. I told Nicole to really put this collar through the ringer and test it out. Here is her review:

Muzzy the Whippet playing on the beach

So Fly guest blogger Nicole here, with a review of the ToughHound All Sports Dog Collar. If you'd like to purchase one for your dog, these collars are available through this retailer: 

I found the ordering process to be straight forward, and the fit of the collar is true to the measurement I provided (with extra holes for adjustments). I like the ocean blue color I chose, but if I ordered it again, I would probably go with the more visible neon green, sunshine yellow, or fall orange. 
Muzzy the Whippet playing in the ocean

I've had this collar for several months now, and it has gone on many adventures. I love how the collar still looks, feels, and fits like it's brand new! The color has not bled, or faded, and the polycoated nylon webbing band has remained strong, but also soft and supple--easy on my Whippet's coat, even after weeks of him wearing it around everywhere. The collar is quiet (no jingly tags), the stainless steel nameplate has no rough edges, and it all sits smoothly against his neck so it hasn't caught on anything.
Putting the collar through the ringer

I custom ordered the collar's nameplate for my Borderjack, Razz, but quickly realized this would be the perfect collar for my Whippet, Muzzy. There are some fun fonts you can choose from when you order, and the nameplate is large enough that you can include plenty of contact and/or special health information about your dog. I only wish I could order a new custom nameplate for Muzzy without having to order a whole new collar. I think $30. plus s/h is a fair price, however I know many of my friends and colleagues won't buy anything from a supplier who also offers electronic collars. If that doesn't bother you, I do think this is a quality product overall, and I certainly would not mind having a few more around!

Muzzy the Whippet with his ToughHound collar

Razz the BorderJack


  1. Hmmm me hairs would prolly get stucked in a collar design like that!


  2. Muzzy is so handsome. Razz is a great looking dog too!
    Great review. It does look like a really tough collar!
    It was nice to meet you and your dogs. :)

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal