Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a really fun weekend. Saturday morning started with a few hours at the local farmer's market, followed by a visit to a local agility trial. I'm tired and sunburned from the rest of our weekend adventures, so thought I'd just do a quick share of some of my favorite photos from agility.

Agility April 20-1757

Agility April 20-1752

Agility April 20-1707

Agility April 20-1791

Agility April 20-1802

Agility April 20-1846

Agility April 20-1870

Agility April 20-1599

Agility April 20-1597


  1. Wow you really got some excellent shots!! That last one of the white pup cracked me up...that would sooo be Max..."You want me to do WHAT?"..."Think again Ma!"

  2. You got some excellent photos! Who knew a pug could do agility :)

  3. He he! The face on the first dog cracks me up! Great pics! And, like Kat, never seen a Pug do agility!