Thursday, April 25, 2013

FitDog Friday: Whippet Nationals

On Sunday, I did some volunteering at the Whippet Nationals lure coursing event. Now, this is an event where you will never see a fat dog. All of the dogs were totally ripped, with huge muscles. They were all able to run the 700+ yard course two or more times in a single day, and were still raring to go. Even the Veterans classes (dogs 7 years and older) are full of in shape, healthy dogs.

Whippet Nationals-1962

My dogs do lure coursing themselves, but since neither are whippets, they didn't get to run this time around. They came along and spent the day in the car, with a few frisbee breaks throughout the day. It doesn't happen often, but man, my dogs looked scrawny and under muscled in comparison to pretty much every other dog.

Whippet Nationals-2060

I spent the day working the paddock and taking pictures. Working the paddock basically involves making sure all the dogs who are on deck (about to run) are accounted for and ready with the right colors on, and everyone knows when they need to get their dogs ready to go.

Not all of the dogs run with muzzles, but some of them do, for various reasons. The dogs on the Wordless Wednesday post were all about to run or just off the course, which is why they have their muzzles on.

Whippet Nationals-2240

Possibly the best part though was the whippet puppies. Because, seriously, who can resist a whippet puppy.

Whippet Nationals-2051

And of course a picture of the Best Of Breed. Since it was a whippet only event, Best of Breed was the same as Best of Field. This little girl is seriously in shape, totally loves lure coursing, and was a total sweetheart as well.

Whippet Nationals-2268

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  1. Aw, cool and thanks for answering about the muzzles too :) - you're right who can resist those faces?! Nobody!!

  2. Hey Koira, good to see you again! I'm so glad you join our Hop each week - your posts are so interesting because we've never been exposed to these events. The muzzles were so cool Wed. I can see why they might be necessary. It's great to see these dogs in such good shape. I'm sure they are well fed and obviously well exercised!

  3. I think whippets are too cute, I bet that was a fun event to work at!

  4. Our owner loves greyhounds and whippets and lurchers. She loves all sighthounds! I'm glad I came across this blog.

  5. What a fun day. Being a Greyhound mommy, it's hard for me to resist the sighthounds.

  6. I could easily have a Whippet if I didn't already have a Greyhound ... but don't tell Beryl I said that! The big thing with GH's is that you're giving them a home after racing though.

  7. Oh my, so many gorgeous dogs. I have had a thing for Whippets ever since meeting a handful of them in person. They reminded me a lot of my Ella in ways.
    So beautiful! I really love that third picture; those sweet eyes!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal