Friday, December 23, 2011

Flyball Practice, Box turns

I took three dogs to practice yesterday- Koira, Pallo, and Chester, who is a corgi on our flyball team, but staying with us for the holidays. All the dogs ran really great. I got a chance to have team mates record Koira's turns, and I think we may have *fingers crossed* figured out a set up that keeps her high on the box, no double hitting, no bobbling, and nice and snappy.

In addition to the prop changes noted in the video between the clips, I also started calling Koira earlier, when she hit the box instead of when she got the ball, to encourage her to push off faster back to me. I did this change about the same time we put in the extra height in the box jump, so the improvement could be due to either, but I am thinking both.


  1. She looks fantastic!! I knew you'd figure it out. :) Are you just going to train for muscle memory, then or are you allowed to switch up the set up in competition?

  2. We can't use any props in front of the box during competitions, but we can at practice, at fun runs, and in our 1 minute warm up time in the ring before the race starts. So, we are going to practice with the props in place a ton to build muscle memory, then slowly try fading to a smaller prop, then to no prop, and hope the turn stays good.

  3. Wow - nice work! Her turn is looking fantastic!