Thursday, December 1, 2011

Box turns

Some box turn videos from tonight's practice.

Koira's video

Pallo's video

I'm not worried about Pallo's turn. He's been competing long enough at this point that I am not going to mess with it. Koira, however, is definitely double hitting* almost every single time. I tried putting in a taller prop (the box jump in front of the box is a 6 inch base with 2, 2 inch slats, for a total height of ten inches) and tried putting up the flap on top of the box. Neither seemed to help.

Any ideas, suggestions, funky things you notice?

*For those who missed the explanation before, double hitting is when the dog lands on the box, then picks up their feet or foot, then puts that foot or feet back on the box again before launching off the box- basically, a foot or feet is double hitting the box.


  1. My only thought is: How far to the right of the lane is she running? If she's running closer to the center than the right edge, her double-hitting could be just her trying to make the turn tight enough to end in the lane again. Don't most dogs run down the center, though? I really have no clues about the mechanics of flyball, though.

    Early take-offs seem to be because the prop is there. She needs to avoid hitting it so she's high on the box, but because she has to avoid it, she has to take off earlier. Unless of course she does the same thing without the prop.

    I'm totally the wrong person to even comment on this lol.

  2. It looks to me kind of like she's hitting the box too hard and collapsing a bit.

    I'd try getting rid of the extra props, just leaving the jump board in, and maybe trying a stride regulator out however far it needs to be from the box to see if she can get some more control and not launch so far from the box.

  3. I'm doing beginning agility and this is still hard for me to manage. Let us know how you get it! Ruff!

  4. Yes agree with Katie it could be a stride thing :-)

  5. Shoot! I can't get the videos to load/open. Not sure why!! So, no suggestions from me, unfortunately.... But, what I am hearing is making sense- striding issues/knuckling under etc. With Spike, I had to play with placement of stride boards in front to ensure he didn't launch- it's a possibility!

    Hope you solve it!

    jen and the mostly black dog crew