Saturday, February 14, 2015

Maned Wolf

This past week, my sister took me down to Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR as a sort of belated birthday present. I've been wanting to go down there for a while, and ended up having a great time.

One of the highlights was getting a chance to see a maned wolf in person. I've only ever seen photos before, and it was a lot of fun to see them in person, and see their funny behavior. They may look like a fox on stilts, but they act a lot like dogs.

Feb 11-4653
Maned wolf at Wildlife Safari

Feb 11-4650
He got his head stuck in the cheez-its box, and it was pretty much exactly what I've seen my own dogs do. 

Feb 11-4665
And then this one's head itches, so there was some adorable head scratching done. It reminds me of the trained trick Pallo does of putting his foot up on his nose. 

Basically, maned wolves are adorable. I saw two at Wildlife Safari. I'm not sure if they have more who were just inside at the time or if they just have the one pair.

And of course, the maned wolves were just one part of a very large, awesome park. I'll share some more photos and stories from our trip as well.


  1. The Maned wolves are so neat! I really like that park. I've only gotten to go once but I'm hoping I can get down there again sometime!