Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

And happy Gotcha Day to the dogs! My birthday is February 4th, and I adopted both of my dogs within a few days of my birthday, a few years apart.

Feb 4-4102
First running bit of crazy.

We headed out to the coast for the day, and our first stop was the beach.

Feb 4-4141

I don't think there is anything the dogs love more than a chance to run on the beach. I don't know what it is about it, but man, they sure go crazy.

Feb 4-4142

Feb 4-4150

Once the dogs have a chance to get out the biggest part of their energy, a nice long walk on the beach lends itself well to them exploring the rocks, driftwood, and all the smells of the beach, though still with some random running and playing thrown in.

Feb 4-4246

After spending almost four hours on the beach, I headed to Rogue Brewery for my birthday lunch/dinner before heading home. The weather was warm, mostly dry, and pretty much just amazing weather for a beach trip.


  1. These photos are amazing. Who doesn't love a beach day!?

  2. Looks like the dogs had a great day! And I'm sure you did, too, if it involved a stop at Rogue! Thanks for sharing such fun pictures!

  3. Happy Birthday ;) Looks like a great day spent at the beach. Milo & Jet

  4. It looks like they had an absolute blast. Happy Birthday and Happy Gotcha Day! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :D

  5. Happy birthday! Your birthdays sound a lot like mine;)

  6. Happy Birthday - what great birthday presents to yourself - adopting two special friends. Looks like you had a great outing topped off with a fun party!

  7. Sounds awesome! When we lived on the North Sea Coast in Germany, the beach was our favorite place to be and we raced like crazy until we were half dead. Great workout and fun too! Happy Birthday!

  8. Nice click! I think you love your dogs so much. Belated happy birthday to you. I think you should try pet collars which makes your pet more beautiful and good looking.

  9. Happy Birthday to you and Happy Gotcha Day Koira and Pallo!