Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon

Today is my birthday, and I am off to spend the day at the coast. Every year I try to go to the coast on my birthday, and I especially like stopping in at the Rogue Brewery in Newport for my free birthday beer and t-shirt as a member of Rogue Nation. My birthday also marks the Gotcha-Day for Koira, Pallo, and Theodore Trex. Though each was adopted on a slightly different date, all three of them were birthday presents to myself. So here is to 6 years with Koira, 4 years with Pallo, and the end of a great first year with Theodore Trex.

My water glass, and the beer sample glass (drained of beer)

 All of these photos are from our beach trip a little over a week ago. I gave in to the cravings and hit Rogue while we were there, even though I knew I would be back for my birthday soon.

Koira chilling with her provided water bowl

For those who aren't Oregonians or beer nerds, Rogue Brewery is a small, local brewery located just south of the bridge in Newport, Oregon. Their signature beer is the Dead Guy Ale, I believe. Rogue is popular enough that it is available outside of the local area- though not their more specialty varieties.  Rogue Brewery also has a number of eateries- one attached to their brewery south of the bay in Newport, one on the Bayfront in Newport, and a few located elsewhere in Oregon (Portland, Eugene, Seaside, etc). I've only ever been to the locations in Newport, however.

The outdoor seating area

One of the best things about the Rogue Ales Public House (the location on the Newport Bayfront) is that it has a dog friendly outdoor seating area. Despite the weather being sunny and clear, it was a bit chilly still when we went last time, so we were the only ones sitting on the patio. There are leash hooks on the walls so you don't have to hold the dogs' leashes while you eat. A dog bowl full of water is provided to the pups. And there is even a dog menu, which changes up every so often.

The front of the dog menu even features the Rogue Chairman, Brewer, in whose honor Brewer's Memorial Ale Fest is held every year (benefiting local animal shelters). You really know these guys love dogs and aren't just grudgingly allowing them in the outdoor areas. In fact, my dogs both became honorary Rogue Nation members, complete with their own Rogue Nation ID cards.

I'm not actually a big beer drinker, or drinker in general. I enjoy the occasional glass of wine or beer, but I go to Rogue for the food. I ordered something new this past time, and it was amazing. I haven't ever been disappointed in the food, though, so that shouldn't be surprising. I tried the Kobe Bleu Ball Sandwich, which is basically a meatball sandwich, but with the meatballs stuffed with Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue cheese. Basically, a party in your mouth. I'd be happy to order it again, but I might have to keep exploring their menu.

Pallo even got to help me with some of the potato chips. I figured he had burned enough calories on the beach that morning that a chip or two wouldn't hurt!

Basically? If you are on the Oregon coast, check out Rogue. Eat at the Bayfront ale house, tour their brewery, check out the distillery. While you are south of the bridge in Newport, you can stop by the Hatfield Marine Science Center (admission is by donation, suggested at $5/person) or even the full Oregon Coast Aquarium, which once housed the famous Keiko- the killer whale in Free Willy- as part of the effort to return him to the wild. And of course, make sure you hit the beach!


  1. Happy Birthday! I've added this place to my list of places to try to visit sometime!

  2. Oh. My. Word. And all I can think is, "Can I have your pickle spears?" Happy birthday!!!

    Having a treat giveaway today!