Monday, February 10, 2014

Oregon Coast

I normally try to do a tasty Tuesday post for Tuesdays. But we've been snowed in since Thursday, with rain only turning the snow to slush so far.

Last week on Tuesday, though, I went to the beach for my birthday. And it was amazing.

Feb 4-5831
Line up of Rogue beer at their brewery

Feb 4-5820
View out the window at the Rogue brewery during lunch

Feb 4-5827
Gorgeous, clear, still day- Newport bridge, from Rogue Brewery

Feb 4-5842
This dock is just a short walk from Rogue brewery, taking you out into Yaquina Bay

Feb 4-5846
Boats docked in Yaquina Bay in Newport

Feb 4-5881
Fishing boats on the north side of the bay

Feb 4-5879
Part of one of the public docks in Newport on the north side of the bay

Feb 4-5878
A ship named Newport- fitting, given where we were

Feb 4-5876
And just for kicks, a sea lion. These guys have a dock down on the Newport Bayfront where they hang out sunning themselves. They were being really loud and grumpy this time.


  1. Great photos! And a belated Happy Birthday!

  2. My humans say that beer definitely qualifies for Tasty Tuesday, and those photos are just beautiful. What a lovely place to celebrate a birthday!

  3. Oh man, that's a lot of beer! :) I approve of this post!

  4. Great photos! The last 2 are my favorites:)