Friday, January 27, 2012


Flyball is all about the balls. (Not really, but this post is at least.) 

Most dogs use tennis balls

Some dogs like the small balls better. Pallo is a fan of the small balls.

 One dog on our team only uses Chuckit balls.

And some dogs need their special squishy balls.

Koira uses racquetballs (not pictured).

What we learn from this: Size and texture matter. And even color, sometimes.


  1. Trying to keep what dog gets what ball and where it goes on the box is always a memory workout! We even have a dog on our team who prefers the squishy balls but then he narrows it down further by wanting the super squishy ones!

  2. Are you allowed to use whatever ball you want? That's interesting, I didn't know that. Back when we trained for flyball - very early stages - I was under the impression that it was tennis balls only. My dog has a serious thing for Chuck-It balls. I can't say why but they are her favourites. Good to know she would be able to use these if we ever get into the sport again!

  3. Elli doesn't fit any of these. She mostly prefers "Other People's Balls", doesn't matter what kind they are, lol.

  4. My ROSE does not LIKE balls. Because (a) She is NO retriever. And (b) The IDEA of ANYTHING being thrown in her direction TERRIFIES my girl!! ;-}
    Oh, well.... Rose LOVES squeaky plush critters!! ;op
    What kind of dogs are Koira and Pallo?

  5. Interesting! Mine would want one that sqeaks lol

  6. Great blog, inspired to get back into flyball

  7. I like the old, nasty, squishy balls that other doggies bury under logs. Those are my favorite!

  8. NAFA flyball allows a dog to use any ball so long as it bounces, rolls, and does not make any noise.

    I only took pictures of four of the ball options that our team uses. There are regular tennis balls, low bounce tennis balls (which have more give than normal ones), tennis balls of specific colors, small balls, tiny balls, racquetballs, squishy balls, small squishy balls, etc, etc. We even had a dog on our team for a while who would only use her own, well used balls. If we put in another dog's ball or a fresh green one, she would spit it out!

  9. .....and most of the balls....covered in dirt! lol!