Saturday, November 5, 2011

When I say "GO"

So, to make you all think that I am totally crazy when I talk, as I did in my last post, about my totally fearful dog who spends half the day every week being afraid of the day itself, I thought I would share some pictures from Friday afternoon. Because, at exactly 12:02 in the afternoon on Friday, Koira stopped shaking, asked to go out to potty, and begged for breakfast time. So we went to the park for some fun.

My dogs start out with this expression as I hold up their ball, getting ready to throw

Then all that pretty elegance turns into these expressions, as my count down of "Ready.... Set..." finally reaches the point where I say "GO"

Pallo always ends up looking super worried, as if the ball is his best friend in the world, about to be lost forever in the dark abyss.

The day, by the way, was amazing. Which is good, because the forecast for the next ten days is rain, rain, rain. So I guess its a good thing that, when making the choice between taking the dogs to the park or working on my NaNoWriMo novel for the day, that I chose walking the dogs.

Doesn't Koira look so relaxed and happy in this picture? Doesn't it make you think I must be insane for worrying about how anxious she is?

 And, you know, I may not have gotten anything written for NaNoWriMo yesterday (or today for that matter, bad me), but then, if I had, I would never have a picture of my dogs looking like this.

And besides, it made Koira happy.

Plus, I ended up with my new favorite picture of Pallo


  1. Koira does look very very happy and at ease. This was a good day for all.


  2. I really love these pictures, my heart melts looking at your dogs' faces. I think you made the right decision- happy dogs trump NaNoWriMo any day. Happy dogs plus great weather plus gorgeous pictures? No contest.

  3. If I have to choose between walking the dogs and doing something else the dogs always win:) It's worth anything to see happy faces like you captured!

    Looks like you're having much better weather than us.

  4. That second picture is seriously the cutest thing ever! I love that you captured the moment so well. What is a missed post or two when you got that face?!

  5. Pallo's expressions of horrified excitement over the ball are a very common sight here too. Lola ping-pongs between that and just pure happiness.

    Dogs are so silly.

  6. Those are great pictures! I'm glad you went to the park. My NaNoWriMo word count is okay, so I think I'm going to get my lazy butt dressed and take Miss Elka to the park. She's been so good, and it's so beautiful out!

  7. Great pics! Your furbabes are so cute!


  8. Ha! I love their expressions, especially when they're making faces at something they really want!

  9. The second photo is cracking me up. :) Go Koira!

  10. !!!!! You NaNoWriMo too? Good luck this year! I'm currently 13k words behind >.> Oops and my dog is STILL suffering from lack of quality time! >_< I'm a bad dog owner AND NaNoer in November!! Hopefully after November my blogging will resume full force. I'm loving your posts on well..everything. Keep it up!