Friday, November 18, 2011

Flyball training progress

Koira has been making a ton of progress in training. Her rotation for her turns remained really good at practice last night. When we switched to the other lane for our second practice session, though, she fumbled the ball every time. Our two boxes are identical, but apparently they fire differently enough to mess her up. Hopefully it will become a non-issue once her turn is built into her muscle memory more.

I did get a team mate to video her last turn of the night, after we switched back to the "good" box again.

I LOVE the rotation you can see in this video. But, after watching it a few times and having a fellow flyball friend from another team watch it, we both started seeing that Koira is double hitting. If you watch closely, it appears that she is hitting with her front feet, then her back, then moving her front feet over and up before pushing off of the box. It is easier to see in slow motion.

I am hoping the double hitting is just because she was getting tired at the end of the night. But, it does mean I will be trying to get a team mate to video all of her turns next time we practice, so that I can see if it is a chronic problem and get a better idea of how to fix it.

Pallo took a step backwards in his ball carrying training. He dropped early over half of the time, a few of them really early. But, I kept reminding him of what he was supposed to be doing, and the last few runs were good, with the ball only being dropped as he opened his mouth to grab the tug, just as it should be.

*And super duper thanks to a fellow flyballer who helped me out with putting the video into slow motion.


  1. Very impressive turn :-) Great slow mo video.

  2. That turn just came out of nowhere! SO FAST!!

    I had to watch that second video twice to see what you meant, though if you have gotten her turn as far along as this in, what, a month (!), I have no doubt you can fix a double hit. :)

  3. Soo coool, dogs!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack