Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan

I spent Sunday in Portland at a Pet First Aid class. It was a lot of fun, and even though I already knew a lot of the material, I learned a good bit as well, and had fun. However, I didn't have fun with the 2 hour drive to get there first thing in the morning, and really didn't like the hour I spent lost in Portland before the 2 hour drive to get home again. And now I think I'm getting sick, with sore throat, constant sneezing fits, and possibly a fever (though I couldn't find my thermometer when I looked, so not sure on that part).

When I am sick, I generally spend my time in the house, with the heater up absurdly high, wrapped in blankets, sitting on a heating pad, eating hot soup and drinking hot tea. But, I have no soup makings, no tea, and need to do dishes to have any clean bowls or cups. And, I need to go shopping for some actual food in the house.

So, Menu Plan.

Breakfast: Instant oatmeal for as long as I am sick probably, since it is hot, easy on the throat, and super quick to make.

Lunch/dinner: Potato soup (need to pick up broth, milk, celery, carrots at the store); lentil soup (need the carrots and celery, and broth for this too); Yellow curry chicken, potatoes, carrots, and veggies (especially if this ends up being the head cold type sickness, then the curry is a lifesaver, so will probably use more celery and carrots, but need to pick up the curry, coconut milk, more potatoes, and some other veggies); Stew (so, need to pick up beef, which I will probably only do if a roast is on sale)

And this is a picture of some beans. Because I am low on pictures and low on energy/motivation to take actual relevant pictures for this post.

I'll think of other stuff to eat later in the week if I run out of food. I have to go do some shopping first thing tomorrow if I want to eat much at all. But, maybe being sick will motivate me to work on some more NaNo writing? Because I have, at the end of today, used up all the extra words I wrote earlier in the week, so need to start writing seriously again tomorrow.

For the dogs and cat:

Monday: Venison scrap
Tuesday: Chicken quarters
Wednesday: Venison scrap
Thursday: Chicken quarters
Friday: Goat or pork liver (whichever I grab) and beef kidneys
Saturday: Chicken quarters
Sunday: Chicken quarters

Probably going to do a good bit of chicken quarters this week, since it is the quickest thing to toss to the pups. The venison scrap is courtesy of my mom's neighbor, who had leftover trim and scrap from hunting this year. I hear he also set aside the turkey hearts, necks, and gizzards for me from the ones they just butchered as well. Then, if I am not super sick this week, it is about time to harvest some rabbits, so some of the menu might change for the pups if that happens. They have never had rabbit before, so it might be an interesting, new experience for them.

Oh, and for those wondering about the grey kitten in the Wordless Wednesday post last week, that is Grey Kitty, also known as Kitty. Martha was pregnant when I first brought her home, and I didn't know about spay/aborts as an option back then, so Kitty was born on September 11th, four years ago. Kitty lives with my mom, while Kitty's two siblings, Azu and Vida, live across the street from my mom with a long time neighbor/family friend.

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  1. Being sick sucks, but I love seeing another nut who makes homemade soup while she's practically dying. As for the venison scrap...I am so jealous. My sweet Felix is on a game kick and refuses to eat anything other that buffalo, venison & elk right now. Do you know what elk is worth a lb in suburban Vancouver?!

  2. love how you included your furry friends in the menu come see what my bunch will be eating at

  3. Woof! Woof! Happy Tasty Tuesday. LOVE Chicken ... a special treat for me. My mom LOVES beans and love making soup with it. Have an enjoyable Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Thanks for joining our TT Blog HOP. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar