Wednesday, December 7, 2016

DIY Snow Jacket

The lining and outer layer for the top portion of the jacket, cut out and ready to sew. The small triangles are for a dart at the butt of the jacket, to make it more fitted to keep the hips nice and warm.

The top of the jacket all sewed together, being tried on for fit. I have yet to meet a dog who enjoys the fitting process.

This is the top portion of the jacket before the chest plates was put together and sewed on.

Ptera trying on the final product. You can see the chest and belly portion is now attached, and closes with the grey straps and a snap buckle over her back. How to close the jacket was a debate I was having, but I decided to go for this option for easy adjustability, easy on/off, and even though it isn't the most gorgeous closure, it looks fine, and works well. 

Do your dogs have snow coats? Did you make them, or buy them? If you bought them, what brand, and are you happy with the fit? I end up making jackets, because Koira's fat head, wide shoulders, and narrow waist mean commercial gear just doesn't fit right. And Ptera has super narrow shoulders but is long and tall, so things that fit her shoulders are like belly shirts, and things that fit length-wise slide down her shoulders and tangle up her front legs.


  1. That looks amazing! Anything to do with sewing is far out of my skill set range, so I buy coats. Noodle and Friends and Ruffwear are my favorites.

    1. I like some Ruffwear products, but their coats have never fit any dog I've owned, at least not to my standards. I haven't tried the other one though.

  2. That is amazing! I wish I could sew. My dogs have weird dimensions, too. I buy them jackets, but it isn't always easy to get coats that fit just right.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie