Monday, November 28, 2016

Treat and Food Roll Review

This month, we reviewed Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Rolls for These are basically a semi hard, semi dry food/treat roll. It can be fed as a food, or cut up and used as treats.

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I have used food rolls before as training treats, so was interested in trying this out for the same thing. I like that these are a balanced food, so giving a large number of treats means I can reduce the amount of food given at meals without worry about unbalanced diet (not that it is something I particularly worry about most of the time, but it is still nice to know).

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One of the biggest problems with using food rolls, in my experience, is that they can get really crumbly when you cut them up. These ones weren't bad that way, though. There were some crumbs as I sliced them up, but the pieces stayed pretty intact when put into a treat container, and when broken into smaller pieces in my hands, they didn't disintegrate like some of them can. As they were cut up and dried out, they did crumble more than when freshly cut, but still didn't fall apart.

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Of course, another essential part of it is whether the dogs liked them. And the answer is, absolutely. Both dogs really liked these treats. I generally just mixed them in with other treats and kibble to create a variety, and the dogs did approve. I also used them as the treats for Ptera's Christmas photoshoot, and they helped us get some excellent photos.

We received this product for free in exchange for our honest review. We were not compensated in any other way, and all opinions shared here are entirely our own. 

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