Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Photographer in the Family

Koira is trying out her hand at photography now. I mounted the GoPro onto her collar (using a velcro wrap meant for going around your pants and ankle when biking to keep the chain from grabbing your pant-leg) and set it to take pictures every thirty seconds. Then, we headed down to the beach.


It was a surprisingly warm, sunny, clear, and calm day. That doesn't happen much on the Oregon beach, especially in the afternoon. Fog and high winds is more the norm.


While a lot of Koira's pictures were repetitive, or of nothing in particular, a lot of them were quite good, if a little artsy at times. She managed to get some decent pictures of me and my mom walking on the beach.


She even got a pretty decent shot of her own shadow, which I thought was pretty darn awesome.


The best part, though, was that she could take pictures while playing and enjoying herself, and I could just watch her play and have some fun, without having to lug around a camera myself. And, lets face it, she also got the best shot of Pallo of all time.



  1. gehehehe that last photo is cool!


  2. What a great idea! I love these photos! The Pallo shot is awesome!

    Susan T and Wrigs

  3. These pictures are awesome! Which GoPro do you have? I want to get one!

  4. LOL, those were great. What a cool idea!!

  5. Wow, that is super cool! That last shot is especially awesome!

  6. The pics are great! You're right, the last one is the best pic of Pallo yet!

  7. those are excellent!! I want a Go Pro :)