Friday, May 27, 2011

I miss flyball

I have now had to miss flyball practice for work two weeks in a row. I miss it. Its driving me nuts. I'm sure the dogs aren't too pleased by the lack of flyball either. Its making my mind go into researching mode. I've been researching flyball boxes, including: different styles, materials, ball hole placement, flexibility, launchers. I've been watching training videos. I've been doing touch stick practice with my dogs, but don't have enough room to do any wall practice still.

Basically, I just need to get back to flyball practice before my head explodes.

I've even gone from researching flyball to just researching in general. Books on urban homesteading, gardening, raising chickens, rabbits, goats, and other animals are all appearing in my house unbidden. I mean, I like gardening and all, and I love getting fresh produce from my garden over the summer, but seriously? These books are pretty depressing sometimes.

One of them shared the golden gem that if we stopped using lawn mowers in the United States for one year, it do as much for reducing carbon emissions as removing one in every five cars from the roads. Thats just sickening. We spend that much waste of gas and time and resources on something so pointless as a lawn?

Or how about the wonderful little fact that 40% of the food produced in this country ends up in landfills, uneaten, much of it even before the expiration dates? Talk about a depressing book to read.

But on to happier things.

I managed to finally get a good picture of Koira barking (yelling) at me to THROW THE BALL!
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And a good picture of both my dogs together, which seems rather rare actually
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One of Pallo trying his hardest to look just like a real Vallhund instead of the funny looking corgi something mix he more likely is
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Koira leaping for joy (or a ball, you know, same thing)
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And a picture to add to the Funny Expressions album of my dogs, with the title:

Intense Desire
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Followed by the question for readers: Do my dogs look too skinny?

And, lets not forget the Blog Hop


  1. Hi, Sam here from the blog hop. I know I miss when I can't do what I usually do! And yous guys always has so much fun!

  2. Stopping by on the blog hop :-) Great photos! If it would only quit raining here we would enjoy some flyball, too!

  3. Great photos, have you got another camera? And you've revamped your blog totally, looks great ... but do you know some of the photos are overlapping your sidebars a bit?

    No, I don't think your dogs are too skinny at all. They're athletes, not sumo wrestlers:)

  4. Koira and Pallo look nice and fit to me, not underweight! But then I'm biased - I keep my dogs on the lean side too, because I'm so fed up of seeing fat dogs everywhere when we're out and about.

  5. Woof! Woof! I used to do flyball when I was young ... it was FUN FUN FUN. Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Hi Y'all,

    People tell you your dog is skinny 'cause they don't give their dogs any exercise and they're FAT!!! Some can barely waddle! Plus they feed them a full ration of food plus all kinds of table scraps like fried stuff, steak and other stuff even my humans don't eat.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. Thank you for letting us see these great pictures! Playing flyball looks like fun.

    Stopping by on today's blog hop - go see my video today called "The Bad Dog Blues." Love to have your comments!

  8. Have a great weekend. Your dogs look great to me

    Love and licks, Winnie

  9. Tanner totally agrees. He's nursing a boo-boo on his paw pad and wearing the cone, while bandaged up to keep it clean. :( Hope you have time to enter the Organix dog food giveaway:

  10. Your pictures are beautiful! They look so happy. I have to say that I think your dogs are a perfect weight. I can't really see ribs in the photo, so that leads me to think they are very athletic and healthy dogs. :-)

  11. PS: Blogger is being funny, so I can't comment under my name: Swimflyaway or ~B~.

  12. I use a push mower, though I have to mow more often because it doesn't cut as close as the gas-powered mower did.
    Sherry, still waiting for Blogger to fix itself!

  13. Don't beat yourself up too much on the global front. You just do what you can. We try to eat as much local and homegrown as possible. We can and freeze our produce, to get through the winter, but we are not willing to give up coffee and chocolate from far away lands!

    Your dogs look like healthy athletes. I have always felt that our dogs look a bit thin in their youth, but at middle age, they seem to put on weight...just like me!

    Wyatt's Mom

    P.S. just preparing to post about the lovely collar...thanks again, we love it!

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  15. I research training too when I don't get to do it much! Or I shop, mostly for dog things. Which is bad since I need to save money for dog sports!