Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fat dogs

Koira, it appears, is getting fat.

I'm not sure if it is the raw feeding being super efficient for her, or if I should be looking for some kind of underlying hormone issue.

This is the dog who used to eat 6+ cups of food per day without gaining an ounce. She has always been hard to keep weight on. I'm used to her having the outline of her ribs visible when sun shines off her coat, seeing the definition of her muscles, and know she is just a little power house of 40lbs of pure muscle.

Not so much anymore. Not that she would be fat by most people's definitions. Her last 2-3 ribs are still visible, and the other ribs can be felt if I poke at her a bit. But she looks well rounded in a way I don't like to see on my dog. She has a chubby butt instead of well-defined thighs.

Bah. Guess its diet time for her. Maybe turning 3 last month is the same as a college freshman gaining 15 pounds.

Silly fatso.

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