Tuesday, January 4, 2011

After One Week

One week down on the rawfeeding adventure. Pallo is doing great with it, loving the meals, happily eating most anything I give him. The only rejection so far was for an egg in the shell. He slurped the eggy bits out and left the shell for Koira to steal. Koira on the other hand obviously enjoys crunching up egg shells.

I did end up starting Koira on raw two days into Pallo eating it, as she seemed very interested in what Pallo was getting. To my surprise, she took to it right away, eating her chicken portion with enthusiasm. I did have to add a little probiotics to her food after the first day, but that seemed to get rid of the minor runs she had, along with upping the bone content in the next meal.

Pallo with his iron stomach has already had some liver added (half a chicken liver) and a chicken heart. He handled them like a champ.

I think its just the human condition, but I feel like I am not feeding my dogs enough, even though they are getting well within guidelines amounts. At 30lbs and 40lbs, Pallo should be getting .6-.9 lbs and Koira should be getting .8-1.2 lbs. And it just doesn't seem like a lot of food when I dish it out twice a day. So far they are maintaining weight and energy level though, so that is what I need to focus on, not their pleading eyes when they finish each meal.

Speaking of pleading eyes, how about a Basset's eyes?
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Lola the Basset was here for a couple days, and very very sad with her sad sad eyes about not getting some good old fashioned meat. Her kibble, apparently, did not compare. I even had to rescue Koira's chicken leg from Lola at one point (after which everyone got fed in their kennels instead).
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