Monday, October 29, 2018

Happy National Cat Day! #chewyinfluencer

Happy National Cat Day!

If there is one thing Theodore Trex wants to get to celebrate, it is wet food. He loves wet or canned foods so much, and it is great, because they are good for him! Feeding exclusively dry food can be dehydrating to cats in particular, because they are so picky about their water. For male cats, this can contribute to problems like urine crystals.

I still feed some dry food, because it is just so easy. And I like putting it into his food dispensing toys so he gets some activity and stimulation during the day when I'm off at work. But we try to have at least one meal per day as wet food.

For October, sent us Pristine grain free cat food, in pouches, for Theodore Trex to try out.

October Chewy-6233
Pristine grain free wet food

Theo is really enjoying this food, and excitedly mews at me as I open the pouch and pour it into a bowl for him. He is excited enough that he has grabbed the bowl and yanked and spilled it when I go to set it down for him. Silly boy. He always licks the bowl clean, and seems to really enjoy this food.

October Chewy-6236
Chunks with gravy

I like that this food has a great list of quality ingredients, and is a healthy addition to my cat's diet. The pouches are reasonably convenient, which is nice. I normally pour some hot water into the pouch and shake a little to get any clinging bits out- and adding extra water for Theo doesn't hurt.

How does your cat want to celebrate?

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