Tuesday, August 28, 2018

An Afternoon on the River

We spent Saturday afternoon on the SUP, with my mom and grandma in kayaks. Koira stayed at home, because she is loud and pushy and not super fun to have along for most people (though I love how much she enjoys it).

Micheals landing to Hyak-8918

Flight is finally getting more used to the SUP and getting pretty confident on it. He even jumped off on purpose twice, to go visit my mom in her kayak.

Micheals landing to Hyak-8994

There were a ton of birds on the river. We saw many blue herons, and osprey, as well as king fishers and some other birds. And ducks, of course, which Ptera really wanted to go chase, but she restrained herself.

Micheals landing to Hyak-8882

The day was beautiful, warm enough to be fun, but not hot. There was a bit of smoke, but not nearly as bad as what was here last week, so we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

Micheals landing to Hyak-8793

The water sports season is fast coming to an end, and, like every year, I am realizing we didn't get out nearly enough.

Micheals landing to Hyak-8679

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  1. This is so cool! I want to take our dogs kayaking, but I'm not sure we'll fit.