Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Dental Health Month #chewyinfluencer

For February, I was given the opportunity to try out and review two different dental chews for dogs, fitting for Dental Health Month. (We were sent this product in exchange for our honest review. We were not compensated in any other way.)

The biggest thing I did in February to help my dogs' dental health was take them in for vet visits. Ptera was cleared as not needing a cleaning. We scheduled Koira for a dental cleaning for early March. As much as things like brushing your dogs' teeth and giving dental chews can help with dental health, nothing compares to having them go in to the vet for a full professional cleaning.

Dental chews are something that are sized to the dog, so I had to choose if I wanted to give them to Ptera or Koira. Ptera comes to work with me some days and waits in her kennel, so I thought having dental chews that take a little bit to get through would be nice for helping keep her quiet when she gets put back in the kennel after our lunchtime walk, so I decided to order the chews sized for her.

February Chewy-8461
Sad puppy waiting in her kennel at work, treat bags on top for her breaks.

First up, the Whimzees. These came in a large bag, which is awesome. Lots of chews means being able to give them regularly without spending very much. We went with the x-small size, which is pretty tiny. We probably could have gone with the small and been fine, but the x-small are find for Ptera. I wouldn't give them to any larger of a dog than her, though.

The ingredients on the Whimzees seem pretty similar to most dental chews, being mostly starch. I don't give these for their nutritional content, so I don't mind giving something like this occasionally.

February Chewy-8481
You can see the Whimzee chew on the bed next to her, being ignored.

Unfortunately, Ptera didn't care much for the Whimzees. She would only eat them if I broke them in half (I think it gave them a stronger smell), and even then would sometimes ignore them. They didn't do much for occupying her since she wasn't very interested in them. In terms of dental health, Ptera had pretty good teeth to start with, so it is hard to tell any differences. Her breath was better after eating one of these than before, though, which is something.

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