Saturday, February 13, 2016

Caturday Saturday

I did already post one review for in January. But, I was lucky enough to receive two products from Chewy to review last month, and managed to totally space out on getting the second review done until I looked at my supply of canned cat food and saw the ZiwiPeak sitting there!

But I figure, late is better than never, right?

So while in January the dogs got to test out a kibble toy (with the assistance of Bugsy and Thimble), the cats got to try out some ZiwiPeak canned cat food. It also happened that it was time to deworm the cats. Lucky for me, Theodore Trex actually is easy to give pills and medication to. You just hold onto him, pop it into the back of his mouth, and he swallows it down no problem. Martha, on the other hand, has other ideas about taking pills. So after about the fifth time Marthe spit the nasty, crumbly, coming apart pill back out, I opened up a can of ZiwiPeak and coated the pill in it, and tried again. And while she still didn't seem particularly pleased with the situation, she actually swallowed the pill, so I call that success. After both cats were wormed, I split the rest of the can between them as a reward and as an apology, and they seemed to take it as the peace offering that it was.

Overall, I would say both of my cats were big fans of this food. They get a mix of dry kibbles, raw, and canned food. There are a few canned foods that they don't care for at all. Martha is picky about texture on some of them (especially the gravy-and-chunks style wet foods), but this food seemed like a pretty big hit. Plus, the ingredient list is pretty excellent, meaning that I am happy to have it in our regular food rotation.

Disclaimer from Chewy's Legal Team:
Because we like to be truthful and honest with all of our customers, we ask that bloggers who receive free samples and other goodies from us in exchange for a product review, acknowledge in any related comment or post that you received the product free of charge. We also ask that any non-opinion, factual claims you make about the product be truthful and consistent with the product information sheets provided to you or found on the manufacturer’s website. We encourage you to share your honest experience and opinion with your readers and we will never direct, alter or edit your content in any way

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