Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Wellness Core Protein Bars


This month we had the pleasure of reviewing Wellness Core Superfood Protein Bars for Chewy.com.

Chewy Wellness Core-7736

When the box came, I decided to let Koira open it herself. She really enjoys ripping into packages, but is good enough to not do it without me telling her to.

Chewy Wellness Core-7741

She really, really enjoys ripping into packages. I do think that having one canine removed this spring makes it a little harder to get a good grip and rip the package open cleaning, though.

Chewy Wellness Core-7743

You can see that she goes for the corners until they are weakened.

Chewy Wellness Core-7745

And then she rips like mad!

Chewy Wellness Core-7758

When she got the box ripped open, I rescued the Wellness Core package that was inside so it didn't get ripped open. As soon as I snapped this photo of Koira with the package, I opened it up and gave her one as a reward for being such a good box opener.

Then I proceeded to clean up all the little bits of torn cardboard.

The Wellness Core Superfood Protein Bars were a big favorite of Koira's. We got the Chicken and Turkey with Sweet Potato flavor. The bars were firm, and were larger than I would use for training treats. But, they rip pretty easily and were a sort of soft and chewy texture, rather than a dry hard texture like jerky. I liked that, since using jerky as treats can, in my experience, cause lots of coughing as the dog tries to chew and swallow fast and gets the fibers of the jerky stuck in their throat. These protein bars were softer so avoided that and seemed very easy to swallow, but chewy enough that if given in a slightly larger chunk, the dog doesn't just inhale it.

2015 Christmas-7780

I used the Wellness Core Protein Bars as rewards (bribes) for a quick photoshoot at a local tree farm. Koira was willing to work for them, and since they are a larger treat when they come out of the package, they were easy to use for holding up to get attention, or to toss to get her to look a certain way, because they were large and easy to see. But I could then break off a smaller piece to use as a reward and not have to constantly be digging back into my treat bag or pocket for more. 

Overall, I really liked these treats. The ingredients are great. The dog loved them. The size and texture of the treats works really well for how I like to do photo sessions, being big enough to see and use as a lure, but soft enough to rip into smaller pieces to reward Koira. And big bonus, they are only $6.81 per bag right now on Chewy.com. Absolutely worth the price. 

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