Thursday, September 24, 2015

Water Fun

We're enjoying a bit of a last surge of summer here this month. We still have days in the upper 70s and lower 80s, but the nights are cool. We've been starting to get some rain, which is desperately needed. The entire Pacific Northwest is in a drought this year, and we can only hope that we get enough rain and snow this fall and winter to make up for it, and enough snowpack in the mountains to keep the reservoirs full and rivers running strong next summer.

Irish Bend Stream-2771
Throw it!

In the meantime, though, we are enjoying the warm weather while it lasts, and getting in plenty of time playing in those streams and rivers that have enough water to be fun.

Irish Bend Stream-2768
Hi mom!

Koira really loves the river. Even a dinky little stream like this one is enough for her to get excited. She'll fetch sticks all day if you throw them (though she may just stand on the other bank and chew them up instead of bringing them back).

Irish Bend Stream-2620

Irish Bend Stream-2630
Om nom nom

Irish Bend Stream-2632
Must. Chew. Into. Tiny. Bits.

She does love deathing a stick. I think it must be a breed trait. And while she loves to fetch, she sometimes isn't all that great at bringing the stick back, or giving it back if she does bring it.

Irish Bend Stream-2717
Dis mine

Irish Bend Stream-2712
You cannot have.

Irish Bend Stream-2713
Teeth. (I find her missing canine totally adorable, though I hope fervently that she doesn't lose any more.)

Even little tiny sticks are a source of resistance.

Irish Bend Stream-2634

Since she enjoys chewing up the sticks so much, she often won't even come straight back. Which means I don't get any fun pictures of her leaping through the water back to me. So instead of sticks, I throw a few rocks. She can't get them in the deep water, so she comes straight back to me, giving those awesome picture opportunities.

Irish Bend Stream-2665
Boing! She loves bounding through the water. I think she likes the splashes she makes.

Irish Bend Stream-2679
So much happy.

Unfortunately, she does have a thing for rocks. I don't mind her chasing them, but I try to keep her from picking them up. Sometimes easier said than done, since she will dive underwater to grab them.

Irish Bend Stream-2783
Snorkeling away.

Irish Bend Stream-2784
See the rock she managed to snatch?

Of course, then she gets water in her ears and the shaking starts.

Irish Bend Stream-2776
This way.

Irish Bend Stream-2775
And every way

Once Koira gets obsessive about rocks and starts picking them up, we leave pretty soon. I don't want her breaking teeth on them. And while you could say me tossing rocks into the river to get a good picture contributes to this (and it might a little), Koira gets obsessive about rocks at the river easily and all by herself. And at the beach, for that matter. She loves picking up and carrying around rocks. Silly girl.

I will say that the gentle shaded light at this stream was amazing. I just love the photos I was able to get of Koira having fun this summer. As she gets older, I value the great pictures of her more and more.

Irish Bend Stream-2639
My little baby girl. Seven years old, but athletic, in shape, and ready to enjoy life for many years to come.


  1. What a gorgeous collection of photos! Koira looks like she had an absolute ball!

  2. Fabulous pictures and it looks like a fin day. Thanks for joining the hop.

  3. Truly gorgeous pictures of your girl! My Chow/GSD mix, Lasya, used to love chasing skipped stones in the creek. She would never pick them up, just follow the splashes.

  4. Such a pretty girl! Looks like a lot of fun!