Friday, May 1, 2015

Training Treats

For the month of April, I got to review Zuke's Mini Naturals Wild Rabbit Recipe Training Treats from

I've used Zuke's training treats in the past, but never the wild rabbit flavor. My past experience with their treats has always been good, and this flavor was the same. Basically, dogs love Zuke's training treats. I love Zuke's training treats.

The big pluses for me are that these training treats are small, but not too small. I don't feel the need to break them into smaller pieces like I do with most treats. But, they are big enough that if you toss one on the ground for a specific reward placement during training, the dog can see it easily enough as long as you are on flat hard ground, like indoors or on concrete. The one pound bag of these treats is huge, and gives you a ton of training material. I generally just grab handfuls of the treats and stick them in my pockets or a ziplock bag or other container to use during training. Also, the big bag of these is both big, and affordable- less than ten dollars per bag-, so you don't feel the need to skimp on treats during training (which is never a good idea!). The more treats you give, the faster the dog learns, and with affordable treats, you will give them out more often.

This is Lola. Forgive the picture quality, this was taken with my Kindle Fire while we were training in the back aisles at Home Depot.
A couple weeks ago, I started doing some training with Lola. She isn't my dog, I'm just working with her on some things, but she is a serious sweetheart. She is super food motivated, loves to tug, and learns quickly. We are mainly working on getting a solid recall, learning to reliably retrieve a ball, and not jump up on strangers to greet them. While a tug toy is a great motivator for her, sometime it makes her too excited to actually think. In those cases, I will use treats with her. I've been testing out these Zuke's treats on her as well as my own dogs. All three dogs give them a big thumbs up.

As usual, we received these treats for free in exchange for posting a review on this blog, but all opinions expressed here are entirely our own, and completely honest.


  1. What a cutie! We love Zukes too, but recently have been using mostly cheese, chicken and hotdogs for training treats.

  2. I love these treats too! I always get roasted chicken because I like the smell, it makes me want to eat chicken! Lola is super cute.

  3. Great review! My girls love Zuke's!

  4. She is such a cutie and I have used Zukes before and they rock.