Friday, August 29, 2014

August Chewy Review

Working with this month, I was sent Good Buddy Cookies by Castor and Pollux to try out with my dog. We received the Cheddar Cheese flavor to review.

Each of the hard biscuits in this bag of treats is a bit larger than a silver dollar. Since they are both large and crunchy, they aren't meant as training treats. What I've been using them for is the treats that the dogs each get when they go in their kennels- both Koira and Pallo stay in crates when I leave the house.

These treats are tempting enough that both dogs happily load themselves into their crates when they hear the bag crunching. The company has a great reputation, and the ingredients are all natural. The ingredient list is short, too, just 8 ingredients, so it is easy to read through. They do contain both wheat and oats, which isn't a problem for my dogs, but could be for dogs who have grain allergies.

Overall, these treats were a hit with the dogs, and I think they are a great price at 3.79 per bag. I've been using them most of the month with the dogs and still have some left in the bag, so I count that as a good deal.


  1. We always need various sizes of treats, some for training, or small rewards, and then some for serious snacking! Thanks for joining the hop.

  2. Mom has all kinds and sizes of treats for us, we're not picky at all! Nice review, thanks for sharing!

  3. Treats, did someone say treats. We love treats, can you send some to us?

    Thanks for joining the Hop.

  4. We love Castor & Pollux rawhides, but we've never had the cookies! Barley gets crunchy treats to go in her crate, too. As soon as the bag opens, she runs into her crate to wait for her snack. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for these!

  5. Delicious!!! Makes Ruckus hungry.

    Happy Thoughtless Thursday!