Friday, August 23, 2013

Self Portraits

I decided I want to do a project of pictures of me with my dogs. I have a ton of pictures of them, but very few of us together.

My setup for these photos was to put Koira up on a dresser, my camera on a tripod, and hope it worked out. The camera was doing a self timer with multiple exposures. I set Koira in position in a sit stay, hit the shutter, then dashed myself over too.


I think Koira had a bit different of an idea of what we were doing than I did. My first thought was something along the lines of the photo above, only minus the goofy tongue. Koira, on the other hand, thought we were taking kissing pictures.


Now, for those who haven't met Koira in person, there is something you may not know about her. She is an extremely aggressive kisser. She goes for it, full tongue, in the eye, in the mouth, up the nose, whatever. Apparently, after living with her for over five years, I have developed a self defence mechanism similar to how Pallo squeezes his eyes shut while walking past Koira in order to not get a tail in the eye (btw, that is totally adorable when he does that). But I pretty much scrunch up my whole face when Koira starts kissing me.


The reason is that simply closing your eyes or mouth is not sufficient for keeping her tongue out of them. Her tongue will pry itself between your lips, suction up your eyelids, and spread slobber over your entire person. She just loves so hard.


Does anyone else suffer from an overly aggressive kisser?


  1. That's hilarious! Neither one of my guys are kissers of any kind and that's just fine by me!

  2. This is so darn cute. I can't wait to do something like this with Beamer!!!

  3. Lobo does this. It almost feels like he's really trying to stick his tongue up my nose, and it's amazing how far he can get it up there. He'll also do a sneak attack kiss, and French kiss people against their will. When he can't stick his tongue in any orifice on your face, he'll settle for licking and nibbling on your ear.

  4. I love it! Neither Frankie or Beryl are kissers and I quite enjoy not having to play dodgems with their tongues. I have had kissers before and while I didn't mind being kissed then I do seem to have lost the 'taste' for it, lol. Gorgeous photos.

  5. Elli is a climber and an ear kisser. Idk what it is with ears, but she always goes for them - full force. And if the person giggles, she'll nibble or lick harder. She never kisses me, so I figure it's out of stress that she overreacts that way.

  6. Ha! So cute, Koira makes the funniest faces! I only have a couple pictures od me with my dogs also.