Saturday, July 20, 2013

Underwater Dog!

First off, a quick race report. Pallo ran at our tournament earlier today. He did good, right up until he didn't. He is still doing that random stopping thing. I do have a theory about it that I will be testing out at our next practice. The sports vet on one of the local teams was nice enough to do a quick once over of Pallo and didn't find any obvious physical reason for him to be doing it, which was a relief even when I didn't quite think it was a physical thing. Koira didn't run today, so she just hung out in her crate the whole time. I ran another team mate's Belgian Teruvren, Zip. She is a total blast to run, and she ran like a total rockstar, even when she suddenly realized during the last race that her dad was judging and her mom was sitting at the scoring table.

I figured I would be busy enough with running two dogs and helping out my team (we were hosting the tournament), so I didn't even bring my camera along. Instead of flyball pictures, how about some pictures from our trip to the river yesterday?

I let the dogs wield the GoPro for a while on the new neoprene vest I made for it. But then I decided I wanted to try for some underwater type photos of the dogs. I held the camera myself and set the automatic timer to take a photo every second.

Here is Pallo. He doesn't actually believe in putting his face in the water.

GoPro Under Water-5888

Koira, however, DOES believe in putting her face in the water. Here she is from above. The blue vest she is wearing is the neoprene vest made for holding the GoPro. Koira spends so much time in the water that she gets chilled even on hot days, so it is dual purpose as both a camera vest and as a canine wet suit to help keep her warm.

GoPro Under Water-6349

For a ball, Koira thought sticking her nose in was plenty. No real reason to stick her whole head in just for some silly ball.

GoPro Under Water-6061

Though she might stick her nose in a little deeper, too.

GoPro Under Water-6081

The real thing Koira will dive her entire head under the water for? Rocks. Because apparently, rocks totally rock*! (Yes, my dog is a little special in the head sometimes.)

GoPro Under Water-6129

And then, of course, the best for last. At least, I think this is the best underwater photo I got yesterday. I'm totally in love with it.

GoPro Under Water-6230
Obsessive underwater dog!
I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

*I do not at all encourage you to support your dog's rock habit. Koira has lost most of one of her canines between a combination of chewing on her crate and obsessing over rocks while at the river and beach. I only let her pick up rocks from the river during this shoot, and took them away from her before she had a chance to chew on them. Most of the time I will keep her attention with a toy the entire time we are at the beach or river so that she doesn't have a chance to obsess over rocks.


  1. Great photos. I'm still trying to master above water pics, so really admire the underwater shots. They're very cool!

  2. That first pic is pretty awesome! Hope you can find out more about why he's stopping. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Those pictures are great! My mom's dog is obsessed with rocks too, especially underwater ones. If you throw a tiny pebble, she will dunk her head under and pick up the biggest rock she can find:)

  4. Ha ha! Those are awesome. Our water doesn't seem to be clear enough for underwater photos. I get nothing but green haze.

  5. Good grief, those photos are fantastic!! I'm assuming your GoPro is waterproof? Hope Pallo gets himself sorted soon.

  6. Yes, the GoPro is waterproof. It technically comes with a waterproof case that makes the camera rather indestructible. It doesn't produce the photo quality of a DSLR, but it lets me get some different perspectives.

  7. Love, love, love those photos!