Friday, August 19, 2011

My Seven Posts

Greyhounds CAN Sit passed on a blog challenge to me earlier this week. I have finally run out of pictures from the disc dog competition last weekend, so am rounding up my seven posts to fulfill this challenge.

My most beautiful post:
This is the category I had the most trouble deciding on. Part of it was the relative difficulty of going through my archives, remembering what I posted under what titles, etc. Part of it was just trying to decide what to base the decision on.

I finally settled on this post from last Christmas. I got a lot of really good pictures of my dogs, for what seemed like the first time. I was just getting used to editing pictures, and over-sharpened some of them, which I regret, but overall I love the pictures from that Christmas, and they are some of my all time favorites of my dogs.
The post that came in at a close second was this one, about candy making in a rain storm. (That's a bad idea, by the way.) The pictures of the candy came out really well. They still make me hungry to look at right now. In fact, looking at them is making me already plan for a candy making party this fall, hopefully NOT in a rainstorm this time!

My most popular post:

I think my most popular post, based on the number of comments, is the Wordless Wednesday: Puppies post.

A lot of people asked questions about the pups, and thought they were super adorable (which they were even more so in person). For those that didn't see the update afterwards, they were Tibetan Terrier puppies belonging to a friend of mine. The one pictured with the bottle was getting a little extra to supplement what Mom produced, as he wasn't gaining weight as quickly as his siblings. All the puppies are doing great, and just turned a year old this month!

My most controversial post:
I think my most controversial post was either the post about stretching, which many people had opinions about, many of which differed, or else the Flyball Training: Not so simple post. I received a good number of responses on both of them, with people's differing opinions. I enjoyed writing both of these posts, and enjoyed the comments on both of them. Controversial though they may have been, everyone was nice to each other in the comments. This to me is what a controversial post should be, that is, an opportunity for people to share their views, opinions, and experience in a way that will be safe and respectful. Thank you everyone who commented on either of these posts!

My most helpful post:
Flyball boxes are a bit of a mystery to many people. A lot of people are familiar only through videos with the old throw-arm style boxes, or the style used in years past at the Crufts flyball event. The boxes we use in NAFA are much different, and knowing a little bit about the box being used is helpful not only to those people participating in flyball, but also to those thinking about getting involved. Proper box mechanics are part of what makes this a safe sport for your dog to participate in. Because of this, I think my Flyball Boxes post is one of the most helpful on my blog.

A post whose success surprised me:
I think it would be this one. I hadn't had a chance to go to flyball practice in a while. My dogs were wound up. I'd been reading way too many relatively depressing homesteading books, which also focus strongly on the the-world-is-falling-apart-and-about-to-end aspect of things. A lot of people commented on flyball, on the world-is-not-ending front, and on the question I asked (are my dogs too skinny?). It was really nice to go online to check out the blog and any comments and see how many people actually care about the mishmash that I posted that day. Just one more thing to love about blogging: being able to connect with people who understand.

A post that didn't get the attention I felt it deserved: (Though I should say, I don't feel like my posts deserve or require attention, and am always pleased with any comments or pageviews on a post)

With no picture on this post, maybe I already have the answer for why it was not as popular as I was expecting. But still, I thought the title of What is stranger than a camel in a minivan would garner some attention. Then, with not only a camel in a minivan, but Koira being chased down and bit by a coyote while walking a very popular, paved bike/walking path, it seemed to me to be full of action and drama. Only three comments were posted, however (unless you want to count my own comment). Maybe I should learn my lesson and only post with pictures? Or not on Thursdays?

The post I'm most proud of:
Its more my baby girl Koira that I am proud of than the post, but I think that will have to count here. What A Wonderful Weekend is the post I put up after Koira returned to flyball competitions after a year and a half off for retraining, and returned with a bang. She earned her first two titles, and did a really good showing of herself. I couldn't be more proud of my little girl.
In fact, just yesterday I ran into the instructor we started flyball with, and when she asked how Koira was doing and I shared the news, she was so happy for us as well. Its great that Pallo does good in flyball, but Koira is my first dog, my heart dog, and to see her turn on and love this sport that I enjoy so much means the world to me. I am especially proud when, looking back over posts for this project, I found this post from just last winter, wondering if I should just drop Koira out of flyball, or if I should continue on with her. Boy am I glad I stuck it out, found what worked for her, and got a chance to see her turn it on.

I will decide which blogs to pass this onto soon, and let each of them know! Thank you Greyhounds CAN Sit for the opportunity to go through all my back posts, walking a bit through the past. I really enjoyed getting this post together.

Now, everybody go enjoy the weekend, and have fun with the blog hop!


  1. Excellent posts all! we love and appreciate your blog!

  2. Love all the posts! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my sister's as well.

  3. The santa hats are soooo cute, particularly the upper left picture, but I can see why you'd pick "Puppies" for Most Popular. I mean, really. Puppies. What's not to love???? :)

  4. What fun it is to go back through memory lane. I too find there's a post here & there that I think is really good and then very few comment. I agree, pictures probably are the best way to go most of the time.

    I got this challenge from 24 Paws of Love--guess I'd better get on it!

  5. I really enjoyed the posts you chose as I hadn't read most of them before:)

    I think the one that had the most impact on me was the camel in the mini van one. Firstly seeing a camel in a mini van, I would have been tempted to pull over for a sleep if I hadn't had a passenger to verify what I was seeing too! Then that scare with the coyote and Koira. That is nightmare stuff. I certainly would have commented if I'd been following you at the time!

    It's fun looking back isn't it:)