Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To train or not to train

I have a debate that has been on my mind for a long time. Do I keep training Koira in flyball just because it is a sport I enjoy and want to be part of?

In the basics of it, I just don't see Koira enjoying the sport. She certainly gets excited when we get out there, she likes working with me and tugging and playing. But she has little to no interest in the game. She doesn't get excited by going to flyball practice, seeing the building, walking in there, etc.

I didn't see how it could be with an excited, engaged dog until more recently with Pallo. He has always been jazzed about flyball, but he recently has gotten to a point of intense interest. He is always engaged, he looks to me for direction, and he has a crazy amazing time doing his favorite sport.

Pallo's behavior has emphasized a problem I have seen for a while with Koira, and it seems like I will have to make a decision. Do I keep working with Koira in flyball, or do I retire her from it after almost two years' training and only one (very disapointing) tournament?

I feel like I have done a lot to try to get Koira back into the sport. I switched teams, have done a ton of research, talked with our teachers and other people in flyball for tips. But despite it all, we seem to be at a stand still.


  1. Does she enjoy practice? One of my dogs hates to trial but really enjoys the training aspect. Another alternative is to start a new sport with her, although it sounds like you really love Flyball.

  2. I think she enjoys the playing with me aspect of practice more than the activity itself.

    Last night at practice me and my instructor worked on getting Koira jazzed up and really gunning off the box, and we were making some progress. So, as per normal when I hit this question, I'll probably keep her in practice and see how it goes.

  3. Do *you* enjoy working with her in a goal-oriented manner or would you enjoy your time spent with her if you stepped away from the training-toward-a-purpose aspect of life for awhile and just played?