Thursday, September 12, 2013

Theodore Trex

After my "oops" post on Monday, I had requests for more cat pictures. I haven't shared any updates on Theodore Trex lately. He is full grown now, over a year old. His front legs are still short and stubby, though not so obviously. I am relatively sure that he is a munchkin mixed with a domestic shorthair, giving him slightly longer legs than a standard munchkin- much in the same way that Pallo has longer legs than a standard corgi.


I must say, he has turned into quite the handsome adult cat. I love his stripes and his golden eyes.


His whiskers are so absurdly long that I actually trim them for him. You can tell from the pictures that I don't trim them super short- but seriously, his whiskers stick out three or four times as much as a normal cat's whiskers! If I don't keep them trimmed, he twitches his whiskers against my face or neck while I am sleeping giving me dreams of being crawled on by bugs and waking me up with the twitchiness.


Theo is also a total lover. He isn't a demanding cat, which I like. He is perfectly content to lay in your lap and doesn't constantly knock his head into your hands to get pets. He is just content with the attention you choose to give to him. But when you do pet him and give him attention, he basks in it.


He may be the youngest member of this family, and not have been with us even a year yet, but he sure is a great addition to our home.


  1. He sure is cute, I love his eyes! He sounds like he has the perfect personality too:D Do the dogs get along with the cats? I don't think I've seen any pics of them together.

  2. He's BEAUTIFUL. Wow. There are so many ordinary cats knocking around. Trex is very handsome.

  3. He is just too cute and it looks like he is just bursting with personality!

  4. He is a very handsome cat and those sure are long whiskers even trimmed! They would tickle :)