Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spoiled Dog Leather Review

I have always drooled over fancy leather collars. Bling for myself is nothing, but bling for my dogs...

So I was super excited to work with Spoiled Dog Leather to do a review of their products. In exchange for my honest review on this post, each of my dogs received an Artisan collar, customized just for them.

Spoiled Dog-8666
Showing of her new bling
I decided to go simple but elegant and wanted collars that would match but be different. So both of my dogs' collars are on the teal base leather with a white lining with teal Swarovski crystals and a brass buckle. Koira's collar has pink accent leather, while Pallo's has a rich (totally manly) tan accent. 

Spoiled Dog-8654

The collars themselves are soft, supple leather. The base collar leather is a really nice feeling, sturdy latigo leather that I am sure will wear really well. The white lining leather is a super soft and supple lambskin that feels amazing- I would certainly wear it next to my skin! The accent leather is a second layer of latigo. I think it adds an extra punch and an extra layer of fanciness to a really basically nice collar.

The hardware on the collar is also really nice. The solid brass buckle and cast D-ring (rather than a weaker welded D-ring) make me feel really secure in using these collars. There is also a smaller brass D ring on the second layer of latigo, which would make a great pace to attach dog tags, especially some kind of a nice matching blingy tag! It is sturdy enough to attach your leash to as well, since it is also a cast, not welded, D-ring and is attached to the second layer of latigo. The two layers of latigo leather are held together by really nice brass rivets, so that second D-ring is very well secured to the collar. Plus, using the D-ring in the middle of the section with all the bling would really help show off the flashy part of the collar while out for a walk, rather than having the buckle side up and visible.

Spoiled Dog-8680
Showing of the bling side of the collar (or is it a crown?). The second D-ring is in the middle.

Overall, I really love these collars. The price is also very reasonable for a fancy leather collar. Really, the only thing I would want different would be to have the inside of the brass rivets covered by the lambskin lining rather than through all three layers of leather. Koira's metal allergy appears to be much, much more mild with brass than with nickel, meaning she can wear a fancy collar to show off every once in awhile without adverse effects, but I would feel even better about having her wear it if the studs were covered by the silky soft lambskin. For dogs who don't have allergies it probably wouldn't be an issue at all.


  1. Beautiful, and also second as a crown!

  2. Those collars look very nice. Great choice of colours for Koira and Pallo. A leather martingale for Beryl is still on my wish list ... one day.

  3. We all love collars with TWO uses!