Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Photo Shoot

I decided to do a quick fall photo shoot this past week. Its a bit early for it, since most of the leaves haven't changed yet. But, here in Oregon the leaves tend to change gradually rather than all at once like they do back east. It means we don't get quite the same set up for amazing fall photos as they do.

Train Tracks-9494
Pallo has on his Halloween collar already.

I also just really didn't want to miss out on getting some good fall pictures this year like I have pretty much every other year so far. I figure I can always go back out and get more photos later, but at least I have these ones for right now.

Train Tracks-9500
Koira was just wearing her tag keeper and her tags from GooseyChicken

These train tracks run pretty near where we live, so it was pretty easy to take a walk with the dogs down there. A few cookies bribed them into posing for me.

Train Tracks-9510
This way and that way

Add a second dog to the picture and it becomes that much harder to pose. This was actually surprisingly easy. Both dogs have done perch work in their body awareness training, so they are pretty good at getting those front feet up on something. And once the feet up are, it is much easier to keep the dogs in place.

Train Tracks-9516
I think this is my favorite photo from the entire day, even if neither of them is looking at the camera

Overall, I am thrilled with how these photos turned out. The colors look very fall, even though most of the trees haven't changed. And the lighting was amazing, with nice bright overcast skies. The sun kept peeking through a bit, and the rain kept falling a bit, but it all ended up working out for the best I think.

Train Tracks-9535
Checking out the sounds of squirrels

The only thing I might wish for would be a sky that isn't just a total wash of white. And I know there are ways to put in cloud overlays and such by editing the photo and doing photoshop stuff too it. I'm really not that motivated. For the most part, I prefer a nice clean edit of the style that I can get just in Lightroom, so I have never really used Photoshop, which means I also don't really know how to use it.

Train Tracks-9508

In any case, I am thrilled with how these photos turned out. I actually like them enough that I am thinking of trying a four seasons series of photos in this location, with fall, winter (if we get snow this year), spring, and summer. We'll see if I end up with the motivation and memory that it takes to do something like that!


  1. What lovely fall photo's you both look very handsome posed on that train track :) Milo & Jet

  2. Great pictures! I love the one with both of them on either side looking at the camera:) There are train tracks by my mom's house in MD, awesome place to get pictures! I like the 4 seasons idea.

  3. These are gorgeous photos...Pallo and Koira look like they had a great (and delicious) time too! ;-) The background colors are perfect for Fall, unfortunately it's a little too early to see them in Cali.

  4. I love this time of year, when the leaves are partly changed and still kind of green. Your photos turned out great and I never would have noticed the clouded sky if you hadn't mentioned it!

  5. Those photos look gorgeous! I must admit that the first two are my favourites and out of those two the top one of Pallo. The leaves on the tracks are awesome- we are no where near leaves coming down as most places the trees and plants are still green. The four seasons idea sound fantastic, I know I would love to see it happen.
    Dina Mom

  6. I LOVE these photos. Pallo and Koira are so goodlooking! The location and colors are perfect. Well done.

  7. I like them all, I don't think I could pick a favourite. Beautiful colours. I don't think I've got anywhere handy where the leaves change in Autumn. A seasonal shoot would be fun, good idea!

  8. Pallo and Koira make great models. When I saw the title of this post, I got super excited to see what you ended up with and I must say, your shots turned out great!