Monday, September 23, 2013

Chicken Swap!

Chicken Swap-9432

On Saturday, I had to meet up with a friend of mine who agreed to transport my old flyball box to its new owner on the other side of the mountains. She had to be in town anyway, and when I heard what she was in town for, I had to go too. So Saturday afternoon, I headed straight from work over to the fairgrounds and the Chicken Swap.

There were a ton of chicks and even some ducklings there for sale.

Chicken Swap-9402

Chicken Swap-9410

Chicken Swap-9408
Yellow chicks

Chicken Swap-9411
More chicks

I don't know a whole lot about chickens other than the basics. I know there are a ton of different breeds, though, and some of them are downright funny looking.

Chicken Swap-9415
A chicken with an afro

Chicken Swap-9445
And a chicken with a full body afro

Most of them didn't seem to mind being in this huge building with a ton of people and other animals, but some of them did look a bit disgruntled by it all.

Chicken Swap-9449
Quizzical chicken

Chicken Swap-9468
This one was at an awkward growth stage

These two guys, though, were just hanging out on their person's shoulders, which was adorable.

Chicken Swap-9439
Oh hi

Chicken Swap-9440
Shy white chicken on the other shoulder

There were also booths of chicken related stuff without any chickens as well, such as these awesome chicken signs.

Chicken Swap-9442
Beware of free range cock

Chicken Swap-9441
Wicked chickens lay deviled eggs

And some fleece too.

Chicken Swap-9405
Lots of pretty colors

There were, of course, also geese there. I shared a photo of one goose yesterday (and no, that one didn't try to bite me, thankfully). I did get hissed at by one of the other geese though.

Chicken Swap-9458
A mohawk and pretty blue eyes

Chicken Swap-9455
This one had pretty blue eyes and super ruffly feathers

Chicken Swap-9456
And a bad attitude. Hissing geese are way scarier than you might expect

Chicken Swap-9474
This guy was totally chill, though.

And while I was told by people in the know that last year, the event was exclusively poultry and mostly all chickens, this year they had chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, donkeys, and pigs. One booth even had a livestock guardian dog for sale.

Chicken Swap-9465
Feeding time for the piglets

Chicken Swap-9460
Harlequin rabbit

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining day. It was so hard for me to not come home with the harlequin rabbit (above). Or any chickens. But, I managed to come home with nothing but pictures, and minus a flyball box.


  1. That full body afro chick is ADORABLE!

  2. The chicks are so cute- how exactly did you resist them?
    Dina Mom