Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dog Tongues

So, I had a bit of a mixed reaction from people about the dog tongue photos.

So long and shiny

Not so much here on the blog (that I have heard about, at least!), but on my personal Facebook page. Some people think dog tongues are totally adorable, and love the photos.

Perfect curl

Other people are telling me it is totally gross, and they wish I hadn't posted those pictures where they have to see them.

Sloped like a slide at an amusement park

I guess it never actually occurred to me that people might think dog tongue pictures are gross to look at.

A decorative curl

I've always thought dog tongues were adorable, and I've tried for a long time to get awesome photos of my dogs' tongues.

Furled at the edges

And when I was bored the other day and went out to take some pictures of my dogs eating peanut butter, I remembered a screen saver I had seen years ago, of a puppy cleaning the inside of the computer monitor.

Stuck inside the computer, working hard

I thought it would be total genius to try to do the same thing, but of my dogs.

Man, who spilled peanut butter inside the monitor?

And then, I was so proud of how they turned out.

Look at that big flat tongue.

In fact, my current desktop is a slideshow of all of these dogs-licking-the-inside-of-the-monitor pictures.

The peanut butter may be gone, but the drool may not be entirely streak-free

So now I want to know. What do you think about dog tongues?

Working hard to get the last of the streaks gone.

If I haven't totally grossed you out and scared you away from my blog forever, please let me know! Either leave me a comment with your opinion of dog tongues, or fill out the survey below. Are dog tongues totally gross? Am I crazy for taking and sharing pictures of them? Or are dog tongues totally adorable, and you want a how-to post on how to get a picture of your dog to clean the inside of your computer monitor?

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  1. Dog tongues are cute! I LOVE the pictures you took of Pallo and Koira's tongues. They're beautiful and PERFECT! I've been eyeballing a Canon DSLR that's on sale right now. The sale ends tonight and these pictures are really making me want to get it. DK says to wait for my birthday. I don't know if I can wait that long!

  2. Dog tongue pictures do seem to be popular. But because I live with a dog that is quite fearful at times, I became quite sensitive to liplicking actions by dogs. This means everytime I see a dog tongue picture, I pause to think is this a happy dog tongue picture or is the dog nervous because he is not comfortable with something and that's why he's liplicking. So I don't think I enjoy such pictures as much as others. :)

  3. Well, to put your mind at ease, these pictures were all the result of peanut butter. Though I have done some shaping for a tongue lick as well, so they offer it quite a bit as well.

  4. Ahahaha. These are hilarious. If people don't like them, they can filter you out. No reason the rest of us can't enjoy adorable tongue photos. I find babies gross, but I won't ask my friends to stop posting pictures of their children...

  5. The Internet is a read at your own risk place. My sister says I should post a warning before I put any "work" pics on Facebook. I told her the warning is that she is fb friends with a vet!

  6. Dear Internet, Chill the woof out! All the objectionable content on the interwebs and you're fussing over pictures of well loved dog tongues?! Holy woof. That is just...crazy.

    These photos are awesome and my head is reeling that it caused any controversy.