Monday, September 2, 2013

On the Beach

So, while I didn't take any photos of the dogs on the beach while we were at Happy Camp, I did feel guilty about it. Guilty enough that I made sure we stopped on the way home and played on the beach for a little bit so I could get some pictures.

Beach Trip-8577

It helped that our last day was absolutely gorgeous. It was actually cloudy and foggy and windy at Happy Camp while we were packing up that morning. I did take a morning run with the dogs, and it wasn't cold on the beach, just wet and overcast.

Beach Trip-8554

As we drove south, however, it cleared up. Instead of fog and clouds, we ended up finding 75 degree weather (nearly unheard of at the Oregon coast!), blue skies, and just enough decorative white clouds to make pictures of the sky gorgeous.

Beach Trip-8559

Koira thought it was great to play in the water. This should be a good indication that it was warm out, because the Pacific Ocean is particularly cold, and Koira is generally a wimp about cold water. She didn't even start shaking at any point!

Beach Trip-8565

Such happy dogs totally loving the beach. Pallo was busy bugging my mom and grandma to throw a stick for him, and wasn't into posing at all, so I didn't actually get many pictures of him on the beach. Just the one above and the one I shared last week when we first got home.

Beach Trip-8571
And just a goofy picture of Koira. Because I love pictures of dogs shaking.
It was just so gorgeous. Those of you who have never been to the Oregon coast may not appreciate this as much as I do, but man, it was AMAZING.

Beach Trip-8607
Good enough to get me to take a picture without the dogs in it!


  1. It really look amazing! I love those kind of places- they really are worthy of a dog-free photo! My favourite is of Koira shaking off.
    Dina Mom

  2. What a beautiful spot and perfect day! It's amazing that it's still possible to find a stretch of beach with no one else on it. Koira and Pallo look so happy! :-)

    Susan and Wrigs

  3. Your photos are incredible! It looks like your fly babies had a blast. :)

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Koira has such beautifully dramatic coloring.

  5. Simply beautiful! What a lovely beach!

  6. That beach looks so gorgeous!
    Wonderful pictures!

  7. Beautiful pictures! The beach is always a great backdrop:) I know know what you mean about a perfect day at a pacific northwest beach, people don't realize what a lucky thing it is!

  8. Love the pics! We love the beach and wish we went more often!