Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall in Oregon

Fall in Oregon is officially here. And that means rain. Lots and lots of rain.

I actually really enjoy the rain. I was born here in Western Oregon and grew up with 9 months of rain every year. The summer is hot and dry, which can be fun, but I absolutely love Oregon fall and winter.

That said, the rain is something you have to learn how to deal with. I have two pairs of waterproof boots (the comfortable neoprene kind) which are great for keeping your feet dry when slogging through puddles and wet grass. I also just added a pair of slip on waterproof shoes, which should be faster and easier to get on for quick walks with the dogs. I'm also hoping they won't make my feet get as hot as the big heavy boots can in warm wet weather.

Train Tracks-9541
First walk with the new shoes

Of course the first time I wore them they got totally covered in dog hair. Fair warning for anything in my house, really.

Train Tracks-9543
Super cute blue shoes with pawprints and extra dog hair

I also added a golf umbrella to my collection of winter walking gear this year. I'm not too worried about me staying dry (I'm an Oregonian after all), but the huge umbrella might make it safe for me to bring my camera along on what might otherwise be a soggy walk.

Another tip for walking dogs in rainy weather is to spray down jackets with waterproofing spray at the beginning of the rainy season. Focus especially on seams, shoulder area, and the hood for best protection from the rain. I've even been known to spray down my sweatshirts with waterproofing spray! I also spray down the dog jackets as well, after giving them a thorough wash, of course.

You can also see in the above photo the new fake grass in my entryway. I have a covered entryway between the yard and the door. I picked up this fake grass to line the entry. It will help clean off dog paws when they go in and out of the house. I picked up a 8x6 roll of it for $20 and cut it in half. I'll use the other half to replace the one currently down if it gets too gross. 

Of course, I also have a huge collection of dog towels. I found towels for a dollar each and stocked up on white, brown, and blue ones to use specifically for the dogs. I keep some in my car and next to the front door to dry off dog feet, bellies, and backs.

How do you deal with the rain?


  1. I keep towels by the door too. I tried wearing my plastic rain boots to run agility in one wet day recently and I found it awfully hard to move! Good news is we don't run agility much in the rain, but sometimes the dew on the grass can be just as wet!
    Diane and Rocco

  2. Great advice - and fits right in with our post about excuses. Can't use 'it's raining' as an excuse! Thanks for joining the Hop.