Thursday, September 26, 2013

Product Review: Dog Tags

I was super happy to work with Sharon from GooseyChicken, a pet ID shop on Etsy. Her tags are beautiful and really well made.

Koira was sent this tag with her name, my phone number, and an awesome foxy fox charm to review.

The tag up close

The tag itself is three layers. The bottom layer is the large silver colored disc of aluminum. The aluminum is super lightweight but seems pretty sturdy. My phone number is stamped into this layer. With it being stamped in, I know that as long as this tag is still attached, my phone number will stay visible. Anodized aluminum is the second disc. I chose a fun pink for Koira, and had her name printed on this disc. The top layer is the fox charm, which is just adorable.

Up close on Koira, with the tag on the tag-keeper

The whole thing is put together on a tiny stainless steel ring. The different discs move around (so my phone number is fully readable in person, don't worry!). I have found that even though they move, the lightweight aluminum doesn't make much noise, so I don't have to put up with any of that annoying clinking sound of dog tags.

Now, since Koira does have her issues with metal, she doesn't wear this all the time. I actually got some leather cording and made a tag-keeper collar for her out of a four strand leather braid (the same method I used to make tug toys, in fact). Then I slipped the ID tag on there. The tag-keeper slips on over Koira's head, and I can put it on her when I know we are heading out of the house.

Koira doesn't mind wearing it at all, and so far, no metal allergy reaction to the aluminum (yay!)

Overall, I was really happy with this tag. I was initially surprised by how lightweight it was when I got it in the mail, but I ended up really liking the lack of clinking with the light aluminum. The tag also seems very sturdy. So far, there is no denting or chipping of any kind on the tag. The stamped numbers and letters should last as long as the tag itself stays intact. And the fox charm just makes it a cute, unique tag. Best of all, these tags are very affordable at $15. And, Sharon is even running a special on her Etsy shop right now- buy two tags and get the third one for free! That is an amazing deal if you have multiple pets or even if you want to order a charm for yourself.

*I received a free dog tag in exchange for an honest review post. I was not compensated in any other way and was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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  1. They're lovely- I need a new tag for Del because he breaks his all the time (have no idea how). Thanks for the honest review :)