Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dog Bowls

Ever since Koira's metal allergy was discovered, I have been feeding my dogs out of plastic bowls or plain clear glass bowls. They work, but they aren't all that pretty to look at. But, I got a chance to work with Lauren from Stay Art Home Mom. In exchange for an honest review of her products, I received two customized bowls for my dogs.


But you know what? These bowls are so amazing I want to use them myself rather than giving them to my dogs! But thats not the deal. I may have to go buy myself some of the other awesome stuff Lauren has in her etsy shop, though, like a monogrammed mug for tea drinking this winter.


Not only are these bowls beautiful to look at, they feel amazingly sturdy and well made. The outside of the bowls is lightly textured, while the inside is smooth from the colored glaze, which makes them easy to clean out. The bowls both match, but have a few differences between them, which just emphasizes to me the awesomeness of these hand made items- no one else will ever have the exact same one, because mine are totally unique.


I always make sure, when I agree to do a product review, to make it clear that I will be totally honest about the product. I really only agree to review products that I already think are going to be good, and that I would reasonably purchase myself. But if I product turns out to be unsatisfying, doesn't quite meet my expectations, etc, I will absolutely be saying so in my review. And I normally have a point or two in a review post about what I don't like about the product.

I have to say, there is nothing I don't like about these bowls. They are amazing. I could go on and on about how much I love them, and have nothing at all to say about down sides.


They arrived in what I view as a very reasonable amount of time, based both on communications with Lauren as to the expected time and of course my expectations of how long is reasonable to wait for a handmade custom product like this. Since they have my dogs' names imprinted on them, I know for sure that she had to make these just for me. The box they were shipped in was decent sized- large enough to fit the bowls and wrapping, but not huge (it always kind of bugs me to get a small product in a humongous box). Both bowls were well wrapped in bubble wrap and stacked together to protect them during shipping.

Theo was jealous that he didn't get a bowl, so he tried to steal Koira's
As an added nice touch, there was a Milkbone stashed in each of the bowls for the dogs. My dogs don't have any dietary problems, so were able to enjoy those when I unpacked their bowls. I also got a bonus little magnet with Lauren's shop's logo on it, which is adorable and on my fridge right now, along with a short handwritten note and a business card.

I will say, if you are thinking of picking some of these up yourself or as the perfect present for someone you know, you should probably order sooner rather than later. I am guessing that Lauren gets really busy the closer it gets to the holidays, and Christmas is only a little over three months away.



  1. These are 100% beautiful. Mike and I are moving soon and I was going to buy the dogs new bowls when we do. These are going to be what I go for!

  2. Very pretty bowls and the personalisation and individual shape of the bowls are definitely a nice touch :)

  3. What lovely hand made bowls :) It's pawesome how there names are engraved into each one. Milo & Jet

  4. They are wonderful bowls. So special being handmade too. I bet the food tastes better out of them :)

  5. Hey I just tried to look her up and I can't find it. Do you know if she is under a different name.

    1. This review is about 3 years old, so I have a feeling she is simply no longer on Etsy (sadly, because I really loved these bowls).

  6. Yeah I think these bowls are amazing. That's kind of what I figured. I wish it had an email or something so you could still contact her and see. I have been looking for some nice ceramic bowls with no luck finding ones I like.