Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: My Little Blueberry Picker

Blueberry Picking-7212

Blueberry Picking-7196
She isn't so good at getting them in the bucket

Blueberry Picking-7204

Blueberry Picking-7216

Blueberry Picking-7219
Squish the berry

Blueberry Picking-7221
Then taste to make sure it is ripe

Blueberry Picking-7236
Just almost out of reach

Does your dog pick berries? Ptera will pick raspberries, marionberries, and blueberries. Now that the blackberries are starting to ripen, I'll have to see if she picks those too. Koira is pickier and sticks to raspberries and blackberries, though she's never been to a blueberry u-pick place, so maybe she would pick blueberries too.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tournament Weekend

We are off to a flyball tournament in Salem, OR. It is part of the Marion County Fair at the State Fairgrounds, and flyball is just one of the many attractions. Stop by if you want to check out flyball in person.

While we head off to flyball, enjoy a lure coursing poodle in show coat.


And a corgi at full stretch.


Lots of lure coursing fun was had last weekend.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th on the Water

Much like last year, I decided to spent the 4th on the water with friends.

4th of July-8601

This was Ptera's first time on the SUP. She is a confident dog, so I wasn't too worried about her.

4th of July-8531

Koira is a bit on the crazy side when it comes to paddleboarding. She likes to leap off the SUP and swim after the kayaks, bite the front of the various boats, and bite the paddles as they go by. And then she asks to come back up on the board to start all over again.

4th of July-8368

Ptera actually jumped in after Koira a good number of times. She also fearlessly swam between the SUP and the kayaks, rode in every boat we had, and would jump back and forth between them when we were close enough together.

4th of July-7973

My fearless little girls had a great time. I just hope Koira doesn't teach Ptera to be totally crazy while on the water- she is already teaching Ptera to bark loudly when she wants something exciting to happen.

4th of July-8351

With a SUP, my kayak, and a borrowed kayak, we managed to have a great two hours on the water, despite car troubles my friend had that could have totally derailed our plans and ruined the fun, if we had let them.

4th of July-8642

How did you spend the 4th? Have you kayaked or SUPed with your dog?