Sunday, August 3, 2014

Black and White Sunday: Logo

I decided it was time to upgrade my logo and watermark for my photography business. This is my new logo. What do you think?

So Fly Photography

Friday, August 1, 2014


I discovered an all new level of terror today. Your dog having a seizure is bad enough. When they have a seizure while you are floating down the river, with no way to get to the car quickly and no cell phone, that is an entirely different kind of terror.

Pallo is fine. We went down to the park to float down the river. I parked at the boat ramp, then walked to the south end of the park and got in the water with the dogs. Pallo was a little reluctant to get in, so I held the handle on his lifejacket and supported him while he got in, which normally helps him and makes him fine. But the second I let go of his life jacket, he tipped forward and his head went underwater. I pulled him back up and to shore immediately, but he was totally unresponsive. Whole body rigid, blank stare, drool spilling out of his mouth and down his chin even though his jaw was clenched shut. I didn't really have any options- I couldn't carry him all the way back to the car like that, certainly not quickly. We sat on the bank for quite a while, then finally I got on my float, loaded him on my lap, and floated down the river back to my car, figuring it was the fastest way to get back. Pallo came out of it gradually, first gazing around a little, making some noise, etc, then slowly having his muscles relax. By the time we got to the point to get out, he was feeling chipper and bouncy and back to himself.

I will say, I am extremely glad that I drove across town to buy a second life jacket for the dogs before going down the river, because had both dogs not had good life jackets on, I would have had no choice but to either sit on the river bank until Pallo came out of it, or try to carry him back to the car.

Benton County Fair and Rodeo 2014

This week is Fair week, and I stopped by last night since flyball practice was cancelled due to high heat. So while the dogs stayed home in the cool inside air, I headed over to enjoy the rodeo.

There was bronc riding.

Rodeo -8101

And steer wrestling.

Rodeo -8150

Rodeo -8170

And team roping.

Rodeo -8195

Lots of barrel racing.

Rodeo -8230

And even a few bull rides at the end.

Rodeo -8382

Check out my Flickr page for more photos from the rodeo!

After the rodeo wrapped up and I had grabbed a veggie burrito for dinner and an elephant ear for dessert (because while at the fair, elephant ears are totally required!) I headed into the buildings to wander around, see the animals, and check out the various vendors. At this point, it was dark outside, since the rodeo started at 7pm.

I spent way too long admiring this beautiful girl, named Sheena.

Nomming on her supper of raw beef ribs and raw chicken quarters.

She isn't growling or anything in this picture, she is busy eating some beef ribs. 

Posing for the camera

She lives at A Walk on the Wild Side in Canby, OR. It is a not-for-profit animal refuge that specializes in giving homes to exotic animals that are confiscated by the authorities or have to be rehomed by their owners for various reasons. Sheena herself, though, was transferred from another refuge as a baby to provide companionship to their other tiger, a male who was a rescue. Sheena and a number of other animals from the refuge travel to various fairs and events in the Pacific Northwest, where they provide something of an attraction at the events and raise money to help the refuge keep running.

Right as I was waiting for the fair trolley to pick me up to head home, lighting started firing like crazy across the sky. By the time the trolley dropped me off back at my car and I drove home, lighting and thunder was going crazy and there were big, fat rain drops falling. Luckily, neither of my dogs has a problem with thunder. I think we all enjoyed having a cooler night!