Friday, February 24, 2017

Fit Friday

I wear a FitBit daily, and I love the feedback it gives me. I enjoy doing challenges with friends to see who can get the most steps in a day, a weekend, or during the workweek. I also find some of my own trends pretty funny. (I paid for my own FitBit, and get absolutely nothing by talking about it on my blog.)

This past weekend, one of the flyball clubs I belong to (I am a member of two clubs) hosted a tournament. My other club ran two teams on Saturday, and one on Sunday. I helped with set up on Friday, ran Koira and Ptera both on Saturday on two different teams, and then worked a tournament job on Sunday. This is my FitBit chart for Fri-Mon.

Flyball Steps
Can you guess what I did on Monday?

I will just say that I hurt a lot by Sunday evening. I was actually in two Weekend Warrior challenges. I won one of them, came in third on the other. Had Friday counted, I would have won both of them hands down. Had Monday counted, I would have crashed and burned on both!

I took Monday as a total rest day, and was back at it on Tuesday for my weekly flyball class that I teach, as well as working my regular job. It has been a busy week, and feels all the busier for how much I did over the weekend.

Are you a total "weekend warrior" or do you manage to balance your exercise out better than this? Most of my weeks aren't quite this bad, but I do tend to do a lot on my days off, and not much on days I have to work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Veteran Flyball

I put together a Vets team for Saturday at the tournament. Vets is a division specifically for dogs 7 or older, and there are a few allowances that make the game easier, such as jumping 7 inches regardless of having a height dog or not, and not rerunning false starts. I wanted to have a chance to run Koira and she how she would do. She ended up having a great time, and running in the low 5s the entire time.