Friday, October 17, 2014

Fit Friday: Flyball gear

I'm off to a flyball tournament this weekend with the dogs. I thought I would share some of the things I make sure to bring in our flyball gear bag today.

Flyball gear-8947
Gear all laid out
Some of the essentials for us include crates (of course!), tug toys, vet wrap, skid boots, treats for during the day, an extra bowl, the gear bag, and the poop bags that are attached to the gear bag.The thing in the bag on the left side of the photo is Koira's Back on Track jacket, which helps keep dogs from getting stiff when they are exercising. She gets it put on before racing, taken off during the race, then back on between races to help keep her limber. The vet wrap and skid boots are also for Koira, who has delicate feet. Pallo has feet like steel.

All of it fits together into the pink bag (which was actually a prize at a previous flyball tournament).

Flyball gear-8948
All packed together
Not pictured here are the crate mats (or in Koira's case, bed for in her crate), or any of the basic essentials for overnight stays, such as food. This is really just the stuff that I keep in a bag at our crating area, so that all the essentials are in one place. 

What stuff do you pack for your weekends, be they flyball, agility, hunting, hiking, or any other activity?

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Thursday, October 16, 2014


What a relief. Our classic fall rains have finally started. I was getting really tired of nothing but hot, clear days. Having our standard fall weather back is a big relief, even if I did discover yesterday that my shoes have holes in the bottom of the soles, soaking my feet. Pro tip: the time to buy new shoes is before they develop holes in the soles, not after.

Even with the heat on in the house, it is a bit chilly, so the cave bed is once again one of the most popular places for the dogs in the house. This morning, two feet are all I could see of Koira.

Her cute little feetsies. 

We are off to a flyball tournament up in Washington this weekend, so wish us a fun time, clean runs, and dry weather for camping!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Review and Giveaway

Paw Street Barkery was awesome enough to offer to have Koira and Pallo sample some of their products and share our thoughts here on the blog. We checked out their website and decided there was no way to pass up that offer.

We were sent three different treats to review. One of the treats we chose is a specialty that requires special shipping over the summer due to the heat- in October, however, the temperature starts being cool enough for them to ship through regular channels until the summer heat comes back again the following year. So what is this special treat? A peanut butter cup, of course!

I may or may not have sampled this one before taking a photo. But no one could prove those are my teeth marks on it...
In the box, these peanut butter cups are absolutely adorable. They look just like a Reese's peanut butter cup made by a fancy candy place. Which is basically what they are, really, only these ones are made with carob instead of chocolate in order to be dog friendly. And while I know a number of people who don't care for carob, I actually like it quite a bit. And the dogs love it.

The longer you make him wait, the bigger his eyes get, and the more he drools. There was seriously a drool puddle where he was laying after we were done.
Koira just gets super stoic. Like she won't break, no matter what type of torture you use.
I did make the dogs wait long enough for a photo, but then I released them to eat their gourmet treats. This is why I loosened the wrappers before the photo, so I could release them straight to their reward after their stay.

Koira took a few licks of carob off the top before picking up the entire cup and it went down the hatch.

Pallo just went in, mouth wide, all at once. 

I think you could say that these were a big hit with the pups. Fancy and decadent, for sure. I think they would be perfect for any pup who is going to spend a long night trick-or-treating for Halloween this year, or as an awesome stocking stuffer. But the carob does melt easily, so they are best stored in a cool place until they are served.

Paw Street also sent us two more treats to review. While not so over the top fancy as the peanut butter cups, both of these treats were a big hit with the dog as well.

The two other treats sent for us to review.
The blueberry bone-anza treats smelled amazing, both to me and the dogs. They may not look like much in the package, but they really don't have to. Of course, the Chicken Bow-Wow treats were received very well too! I wouldn't be able to say which ones the dogs liked more, actually, though I loved the blueberry ones for the smell.

Because Paw Street Barkery is so awesome, they not only sent all this awesomeness to Koira and Pallo to review, but they are going to give one lucky reader of mine a $25 gift card! To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't wait for some awesome treats? Use the code Treat14 at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase. Also, you can head on over to their Facebook page to enter a costume contest in which the grand prize winner gets a gift basket worth $50!

*Paw Street Barkery sent these treats to us to review. No other compensation was given, and the review here is completely honest and entirely our own.*