Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On Christmas Day, the dogs got to go to the park and open their Christmas presents before I went to a movie with my mom.

Pallo rips into his presents gingerly and with great care.
Dog's Christmas Presents

Koira, on the other hand, LOVES ripping into presents. I had her sit, and then tossed her present to her. She caught it mid air, then bolted to the middle of the park to unwrap it.
Dog's Christmas Presents

Of course, I then had to wade through the muck of the park to go pick up the wrapping paper she left there. About two seconds after the below photo, she grabbed the paper and tore it into about twenty smaller pieces before she decided her present was fun too.
Dog's Christmas Presents

As well as presents, the dogs got frozen stuff Kongs as a special Christmas treat. (I can't ever remember to stuff and freeze kongs in advance for the day to day life we live.) sent us a limited edition Merrick canned holiday recipe to try out and review this month, so I used that to stuff the Kongs. Both of the dogs thought it was some awesome stuff, both frozen in the Kongs on Christmas and when they got to lick the spoon clean from stuffing the Kongs on Christmas Eve. The cats also got a few spoonfuls of Merrick as well as a Christmas morning treat. My cats are pickier than my dogs, but still, everyone in this house thought this was some super tasty stuff. To me, it looked and smelled like any number of canned dog foods, but the cats at least won't go crazy over just anything (the dogs totally will).

For New Year's Eve, I took the pups down to the park to play with their Christmas presents. Our weather right now is super cold and clear, but while my hands were freezing, the dogs seemed to have a lot of fun playing.

Pallo got a package of the rubber Chuck-It balls for Christmas, since they are his favorite toy ever.
Dec 31st-3718

Koira got a Ruffwear Gourdo toy, which is basically a kind of dense rubber bumper. So far, she hasn't destroyed it, which is a good sign I think. And she always loves bumpers.
Dec 31st-3885

Dec 31st-3840

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a great New Year.